PVS Peeps Play: Dungeonland !

Hiya Players! This past weekend a few of the PVS Peeps came over to play some couch co-op of Dungeonland. We had food, snacks, good people and fun times. Oh, and we streamed the whole thing on Twitch!

For those that may have missed it (aka most of you), we also went ahead and cut together a few of the highlights for each sitting which can now be found on Youtube. They’re rough though…very rough.

We have them broken up into 4 waves, each time we switched players.
Wave 1: Jeff, Sara, Stacey
Wave 2: Jen, Paul, Nicola
Wave 3: Stacey, Sara, Jeff
Wave 4: Nicola, Paul, Jen

This was our first attempt at some couch co-op video, so we have some work to do for the next one.

We want your feedback, what can we do better?

Here’s our list of what we noticed:

  • Better Lighting: We’re going to work on getting darker curtains.
  • Better Balanced Sound: This time around, we used the mic on the webcam. Next time, we’re going to use a separate mic, and lower the in-game volume so the players can be heard better and more clearly.
  • Better Video Quality: This is my first time really trying this. Right now I’m streaming to twitch via xSplit, and figuring that out. I’ll position the webcam image in a better spot next time to avoid covering anything up. I’ll also see about putting up some image overlays to give it a little cleanner look.
  • Better Editing: First time using Sony Vegas, so getting used to where stuff is. Plan is to make an intro of some sort, and cut it better with transitions. Combined with better video quality, should improve. The quality of the edits may be low as well, as I’m exporting from Twitch to Youtube, downloading from Youtube as MP4, editing in Sony Vegas, then throwing it back on Youtube as public. I think we’re losing a lot of quality there. When I find a better way to get the video into the editor, I will (suggestions welcome!)
  • Better Talking Points: I found out that everybody plays like I do; We focus on the game and talk little. I’ll try to put together talking points for dead air to keep it fresh. If you have any suggestions or questions for me to ask, hit me up @PVSJeff or in the comments. We’re also going to keep the tablet close to interact better with viewers.

Overall, I had fun though and as far as I’m aware everybody else did as well. Our next scheduled PVS Peeps Play date for some couch co-op will be June 21st. We’ll be playing some Castle Crashers (and maybe Awesomenauts if we get to it). Be sure to join us, we want to hear from ya!

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