The Secret World’s Sub Eaten by Zombies!

Hiya Players! Today’s post comes on the heels of Funcom announcing that The Secret World is doing away with the required subscription fee. For those of us in the gaming world this is often looked at as a good thing, until the realization that most companies and games (*cough*SWTOR*cough*) end up screwing this up in […]

MMO Payment Models and Evolution

Payment Methods Wario CoinsHiya Players! Today we’re going to take a look at various payment models that MMORPG (and other MMO games) use, and see where they different and the success that each model brings. There is no ‘right’ way to make a profit off MMOs, and it will change based on not only the content of the game but the target audience as well. Without further adieu, let’s dive in.
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Did The Secret World Have Too Much Innovation or Not Enough Commercialization?

Hiya Players. Today we’re going to take a look at the current influence and acceptable range of innovation in an MMO environment, versus the commercialization of a product to make it more familiar to fans of the genre. Our primary focus will be on The Secret World, which made a less than anticipated splash when released. This can be a highly debated topic, so we welcome your feedback in the comments.

The Secret World LogoLast week Penny Arcade posted an Interview with Martin Bruusgaard, former lead designer for FunCom’s The Secret World, discussing Read more about Did The Secret World Have Too Much Innovation or Not Enough Commercialization?

PVS: Looking for Authors!

That’s right, we’re looking for smart people (or even moderately smart, we’re not picky) to come write for PVS. We’d like to cover more than one game at a time, but we’re a little limited on active staff right now (aka me). Requirements are few, so we’d love to hear from you. Read more about PVS: Looking for Authors!

PVS The Secret World: The Secret War

FunCom has just gone ahead and released a new browser-based game/marketing gimmick that they’re calling The Secret War, in anticipation for their upcoming MMO The Secret World. This game doesn’t do the best job of describing itself, so I’ve summed it up to make it simple (for both our sakes). Link/Sign up with your Facebook […]

PVS The Secret World: Pre-Order Trailer & Info

The last few days, FunCom has released a new trailer for The Secret World as well as opened up Pre-Orders. This is the final stretch folks, the game is almost here. For those of you who haven’t spoken to myself (or the girlfriend even more than me) I’m totally excited about this game. It looks amazing, has a cool ‘thriller’ vibe in it and appeals to me more than some of the current fantasy MMOs out there.

The new trailer shows off some of the thrill aspects, that it will take place in a real-world environment and looks a little more into the secret societies of the game (which recent trailers haven’t focused on). The Pre-Order comes with a few in-game items, the ability to reserve your name, and of course: Beta Access.
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PVS The Secret World: GDC 2012 Presentation Awesomeness

Last week at GCD 2012, Fun Com & EA reveled more of the upcoming game The Secret World that fans have been waiting for now for over a year. At the presentation, more than a few of the lead writers and designers weighed on various aspects of the game including character creation, starting zones, builds and crafting. The presentation, being just over 30 minutes, leaves everybody wanting more but also gives us a ton of previously unreleased info. Check out the video, then check out our opinions after the jump.
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