The LFR Loot System and Why It Can Still Be Improved

The new Looking for Raid (LFR) loot system is slowly becoming a widely talked about topic. It’s different and greatly disputed for what can only be described as ghastly. The original LFR loot system was not without its faults, but the new system (which also applies to World Bosses) leaves the player with a lack of accomplishment or feeling of reward. By lack of a feeling of reward I simply mean this does a small gold return seem like it’s worth your time?

Warcraft LFR Looking for Raid QueueOne thing to quickly point out is that the new Mogu’shan Vaults (MSV) LFR is much more difficult than the LFR version of Dragon Soul. This may be a response to how short it has been live, but the coordination required is much higher for Mogu’shan Vaults than Dragon Soul. So far in my trek through MSV the bosses have felt much more difficult and fulfilling. Read more about The LFR Loot System and Why It Can Still Be Improved

PVS Wakfu: World Boss Revamp Impressions

Last week, shortly after the release of the 2012 Developer Roadmap, Ankama Developer Zeorus took the time to go into a little more detail about how World Bosses Revamp will work in the upcoming content release.

Currently, World Bosses (WB) will spawn between 24-72 hours per server. This is assuming that they don’t end up getting bugged and not spawning at all. These World Bosses consist of Black Crow, Moowolf and Gobbsage. Each of these bosses have the potential to drop the (currently) best gear in the game for each element. Given their rarity this would be fine were there alternative options for gear end-game, However that’s not the case. If you don’t get WB Gear, you don’t get end-game gear and must use gear that is 10 to 20 levels below the current max level.

In the upcoming content release these bosses will be renamed from World Bosses to Ultimate Bosses, and will now be instanced (instead of random timed server spawn). Zeorus gives three main reasons for this change:
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PVS WoW: Cataclysm Expansion Post-Mortem

With Blizzard having completed their World of Warcraft: Cataclysm expansion pack, and well on the way to releasing their next expansion Mists of Pandaria; It’s a good time to review the completed expansion’s good points and points that could use improvement. Let’s get started.

1) Looking for Raid: This was a really good idea. With Blizzard’s market the way it is and their lack of attraction for new hardcore gamers, they really need to reach out to those casual gamers. I think the Looking for Raid (LFR) feature was a good idea. Most casual players that I know personally have never been into a raid prior to Cataclysm. Those who had been, usually sucked and didn’t get far. This was a great way for those newer players to get some experience in a raid environment without all the stress that comes with hardcore raiding. To be frank, the difficulty of LFR was ridiculously easy and most mechanics could simply be ignored. I think the idea of LFR was simply to get people in, then once the foot is in the door hope they want to go on to normal/heroic raiding after. My only beef is with the gear: It shouldn’t have been as good as it was. For what little work people did for it, it should have been on par (or lower) than 5 man heroics.
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Player VS SWTOR: A Fortnight in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Aside from my short trip through the weekend beta, my time playing Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) prior to launch was limited. However thanks to a lovely birthday gift card, I decided to pick this game up and give WoW a break for a bit. I was pleasantly surprised at what came out of […]

Player VS Food: Code Red Mountain Dew

Hello newbie nibs! Today we’re going to take a look at something to drink while playing, instead of something to eat. That something of course, is going to be Code Red Mountain Dew. This takes the original awesome that is Mountain Dew (or more recently branded ‘MTN Dew’), and adds a cherry twist to it. It’s my personal favorite of the Mountain Dew flavors, but I’ll try to keep my bias at bay.
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Resto Druid Vs Patch 4.3: T12 bonus or T13 bonus

Today I’m going to go over my view on when to upgrade from your Tier 12 (T12), to Tier 13 {T13). With bonuses involved for having a majority of the set, it can be a tough call on when to give it up to go with something new and shinier.

If you managed to get through enough of Firelands, chances are you have your Tier 12 4 piece (4pc) bonus. That is

    “Your Swiftmend also heals an injured target within 15 yards for the same amount”

With my current set this means instead of healing ~16.6k with one Swiftmend, I’m doing a total of ~33.2l between two people while in the 4pc set. Free heals are great, and this is a great bonus.
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Player VS Food: Bugles (Original)

This week I was lucky enough to get my hands on a bag of Bugles (Original). These bagged snacks are similar to Potato Chips, which we’ve all ready put through the test. A large difference here though is that these are corn chips, not potato-based. We went with Original flavored because 1) I’m boring and 2) It’s easier to get a general idea how the product stands up.

I loved these when I was younger, since you can play with them by putting them on your fingers and pretending you had long nails. Lame? Maybe. They’ve just recently become available again up here so of course I needed to grab some. I’ve only been able to find them at Wal-Mart so far, but I’m sure that one of your local grocery stores has it in stock too.

We put these to the test on Monday night during a Firelands raid, then again through The Siege on Wyrmrest Temple using the new Looking For Raid (LFR) tool that just rolled out with patch 4.3.
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