Series, Sequels, and Remakes

Hiya Players! Like it or not, We’re living in the days of sequels, ‘series’ and sub-par remakes. This is a time where most games you play will have a number beside them, regardless of it’s a continuation or just the new annual carbon copy. More often than not, larger companies are going this route than […]

Does the Pokemon anime take away from the Games?

pokemon1Hiya Players! Today I’m going to stick with the Pokemon thing (hopefully I can get it out of my system). I’ve spent the last week dedicating a large chunk of my time to Pokemon Black 2, completing all the various post-game gauntlets and fights online. For those of you who haven’t picked the game up yet, it’s pretty great. Today I want to discuss more the Pokemon anime than the game itself though. Let’s dig into this sure-to-be opinionated piece.
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PVS Pokemon Black 2 Review

Pokemon Black 2 boxartHiya Players! Over this past holiday period I was fortunate enough to be gifted one of the latest in the Pokemon series, Pokemon Black 2. I don’t often like to admit it, but I’m a Pokemaniac. I may have taken a break for a bit, but with the quality of this game it’s not a wonder it’s sold so well. Let’s jump into the review.

For those who loved the old Pokemon gameplay the simplicity of starting off with a Pokemon and fighting your way through to be the best, you’ll be in luck. BW2 follows this same formula that we all know and often love. Given this is the first direct sequel Pokemon game though, it’s a little different but not enough to feel out of place. Of course with any Pokemon game, we need a Team of antagonists to get in the way of our seemingly simple rise to power. With BW2, we get another shot at Team Plasma, and the involvement with them plays through pretty well. In addition to the gym crawl and fighting back Team Plasma there was an additional amount of story content, even compared to the first BW, which was more than welcome. Comparing it to the first BW, Black 2 added enough content to the initial story for about 10 Pokemon levels before you beat the Elite Four (putting the Elite Four’s Pokemon around level 60). This change was great considering how short and easy the first BW was end-game. Read more about PVS Pokemon Black 2 Review

PVS Gaming: Pokemon Black & Blue by PETA

Pokemon Black & Blue Trading CardsHiya players. Today we’re checking out the latest ridiculous game by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals): Pokemon Black & Blue. This game isn’t your standard Pokemon game, since GameFreak had nothing to do with it. In this game you’re Pikachu, after escaping his trainer, trying to free Pokemon and spread the word about how harmful pet battling is. Yes, that’s right PETA is now trying to save virtual animals.
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PVS Gaming: PokeMMO Alpha

PokeMMO LogoGood Morning Players! Today we’re checking out a Pokemon MMO! That’s right, I said it. Though it’s still in Alpha testing, PokeMMO showing a lot of promise. The most important thing is that it’s actually playable. Unlike many other people who have claimed to be ‘working on it’ over the years, we can actually play and enjoy this one for the time being. Read more about PVS Gaming: PokeMMO Alpha

PVS Downtime: Poke-Power

Don’t you love server downtime? If it’s for maintenance or a huge patch, any downtime always blows. Tonight I was saved by Poke-Power. I choose you Squirtle! What do you do during Downtime? And let me see your best Pokemon drawing. Points for creativity! Also these guys are funny, sub them.