MMO Payment Models and Evolution

Payment Methods Wario CoinsHiya Players! Today we’re going to take a look at various payment models that MMORPG (and other MMO games) use, and see where they different and the success that each model brings. There is no ‘right’ way to make a profit off MMOs, and it will change based on not only the content of the game but the target audience as well. Without further adieu, let’s dive in.
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PVS Gaming: PokeMMO Alpha

PokeMMO LogoGood Morning Players! Today we’re checking out a Pokemon MMO! That’s right, I said it. Though it’s still in Alpha testing, PokeMMO showing a lot of promise. The most important thing is that it’s actually playable. Unlike many other people who have claimed to be ‘working on it’ over the years, we can actually play and enjoy this one for the time being. Read more about PVS Gaming: PokeMMO Alpha

PVS Wakfu: Zinit Chapter 2 Quick Guide

Ankama was generous to grace us with the next Chapter in the Ogrest/Zinit storyline. This storyline was the one leading and guiding us to fighting Ogrest himself. Up until now, most people didn’t even bother with this. But they decided to make Chapter One easier to access, and Chapter two is actually pretty fun.

In order to access the new Chapter Two area of Zinit, a player must have first completed Chapter One. To start Chapter One, Talk to Ullu in Astrub’s Center. To start Chapter Two, talk to Ullu In Truce Cave (the end point of Chapter One).

There are various checkpoints throughout this Chapter. Once you finish a checkpoint, you can pick up again here at a later date. Unlike Chapter one, your group enters as a group and syncs much better. Group up, and head on in. I wouldn’t recommend doing this with any less than two people (especially Checkpoint VI). Damage wise, the later checkpoints are designed for characters in their high 40s to early 50s. With the exception of Checkpoint VI, the rest of the chapter should be soloable by anything over level 70.

For a quick walkthrough of what to expect in the following Chapter, continue reading. Fair warning, there are spoilers.
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PVS MMO: A look at Diablo 3’s Beta Weekend

This weekend Jeff and I got a chance to try out Blizzard’s upcoming game Diablo 3. Though it’s been some time since the previous installment was released, the hype for this game is still as hot as Diablo himself. Initial Impression: While it has been a while since I have played Diablo II, Diablo III […]

PVS The Secret World: The Secret War

FunCom has just gone ahead and released a new browser-based game/marketing gimmick that they’re calling The Secret War, in anticipation for their upcoming MMO The Secret World. This game doesn’t do the best job of describing itself, so I’ve summed it up to make it simple (for both our sakes). Link/Sign up with your Facebook […]

PVS MMOs: The 7 Stages of MMO Gaming

In an MMO game’s life span, it will go through multiple phases as it develops. Gamers often seem to forget this before they run to the forums to complain and make negative comments. Now don’t get me wrong sometimes the game needs the hate, but only during the proper phases. Before rushing to the keyboard, make sure you understand the 7 Stages of MMO Gaming.
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PVS The Secret World: Pre-Order Trailer & Info

The last few days, FunCom has released a new trailer for The Secret World as well as opened up Pre-Orders. This is the final stretch folks, the game is almost here. For those of you who haven’t spoken to myself (or the girlfriend even more than me) I’m totally excited about this game. It looks amazing, has a cool ‘thriller’ vibe in it and appeals to me more than some of the current fantasy MMOs out there.

The new trailer shows off some of the thrill aspects, that it will take place in a real-world environment and looks a little more into the secret societies of the game (which recent trailers haven’t focused on). The Pre-Order comes with a few in-game items, the ability to reserve your name, and of course: Beta Access.
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PVS MMOs: A Quick Look at Rift

Today’s game of choice is going to be Rift. I know it’s been out for over a year now, but I never really got around to it. Unfortunately, when it was first popular I was raiding six nights a week and didn’t have much time to throw another game into the mix. Now that I have some time, let’s see how it stacks up.

Initial Impression: It’s like the bastard child of World of Warcraft and EverQuest II (or any other Asian MMO game) with a dash of Bible lore.
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PVS MMOs: A Quick Look at EverQuest II

With the decline of things to do in Warcraft and the disappointment in SWTOR, I find myself in the position to jump around and find a new game. More specifically, find a new game on a shoe-string budget (less than $20 being ideal). Over the next few days I’m going to test out a few of the free trials/betas out there and see if any of them peak my interest.

Initial Impression: Umm, what is this crap?
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