Guild Wars 2’s The Lost Shores Content Revealed

Hiya Players! Today we got more information about the upcoming content release The Lost Shores including a better breakdown of the timeline as well as more details on exactly what to expect as far as the content goes.

The Lost Shore Karka BossFirstly, the schedule:
November 16th @ 12:00PM PST (3PM EST) we’ll be defending Lion’s Arch from a new form of enemy, the Karka. This is expected to be more research than defense.

November 17th @ 12:00PM PST (3PM EST) we’re tasked with trying to take Lion’s Arch back (guess we lost on the 16th), as well as take the war to the Karka by attacking their home island.

November 18th @ 12:00PM PST (3PM EST) will be the big coup de grĂ¢ce as we fight with the big boss of the Karka. This is expected to by a ginormous one-time world-event – So make sure to be there. Read more about Guild Wars 2’s The Lost Shores Content Revealed

The Lost Shores Teaser in Guild Wars 2

Hiya Players! Hot on the tail of what can only be described as an awesome Halloween event, Arenanet now teases us with The Lost Shores; Described as “a massive one-time world event that will change Tyria forever!” it leaves much to be desired and anticipated. All we know is that it will change Tyria, will […]