PVS GW2: PVE Leveling in Guild Wars 2

Good Morning Players. Today we’re going to look at the best way of leveling in Guild Wars 2, which is PVE content. To start off, try forgetting most of what you know from previous games. Arenanet went for a change to the typical system, and decided to make leveling fun. That said, let’s jump into what you need to know about the PVE scene in GW2

Egenis Wave Emote Guild Wars 2As an initial guide you’ll be following your Personal Storyline (PS). Based on what choices you made in the character creation and choices you make while interacting with the PS NPCs, the story will twist and turn around your making your story completely yours. Though this will help keep you moving in the right direction, you’re going to want to still spend some time in the zones it takes you to along the way.
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PVS GW2: Player VS Player (PVP)

Battle of the FoeFireGood Morning Players. Today we’re going to take a look at player vs player (PVP) in Guild Wars 2. Arenanet did an extremely good job with PVE, but was smart enough to do even better for their player killing friends as well. GW2 has two primary types of PVP: World VS World (WvW) and Structured PVP (sPVP). Both prove to have their own challenges and play styles to appeal to most people. Let’s drill into the details for a rundown.
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PVS GW2: The Basics

Hello again Players. Today we’re going to be looking at the basics of Guild Wars 2 as you jump into the game. Chances are if you play the game for a few hours you’ll figure most of this out, but there might have been something you missed. Have a look and let’s get started.

First we have Races and Professions. We have no factions to worry about, and any race can be any profession. In Guild Wars 2, classes are called professions. This means you can go ahead and pick out the race you think looks cool and best represents you – it won’t make a significant difference in gameplay. The first question asked when creating your character determines one part of your look, the rest will be for your personal storyline – Pick what suits you best.
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PVS GW2: A Guild Wars 2 Introduction for Warcraft Players

Guild Wars 2 VS WoWGood Morning citizens of Azeroth. If you’re here, it’s likely because you are deciding if you should give Guild Wars 2 a try. Good for you, you’re asking the right questions. Let’s start with some of the broad basics that GW2 differs from WoW, then work our way down to the finer points.

Firstly, to get it out of the way, let’s discuss price. World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria is $40, plus the monthly subscription of $15 – making it $55 for the month you buy the expansion, or $220 over the course of a year. With Guild Wars 2 you pay for the box and you’re done, no subscription fees at all. This means for $60, you get a full game. That’s only $5 more than you’d be spending that first month on Mists. In fact, if you buy the digital download from GameFly and use the code 1GFT82012 you get 20% off; Making it cheaper. So why not?

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