Flipping items on the Black Lion Trading Post

GoldmemberHiya Players! Today I’m going to give a quick run down on the idea of ‘flipping’ items on the Black Lion Trading Post (BLTP) in Guild Wars 2. Flipping is the action of buying an item for one price, and reselling it for a higher price to make a profit. This can actually be a fairly profitable venture for those willing to put a little bit of time into it. On the flip side, you can also make money by just letting it sit. It’s all about how you active you feel like being. Let’s get going. Read more about Flipping items on the Black Lion Trading Post

Black Lion Trading Post Basics

Hiya Players! Today I want to write up a brief introduction to the Black Lion Trading Post (BLTP) in Guild Wars 2. It has a few extra layers to it compared to many games’ markets and I’ve heard from a few people that it’s intimidating and they don’t understand it. I understand that. Having a look around the web I’m not seeing a lot of people laying out just the basics of how it works, but instead merging the basics with money making schemes making it overly complicated Today, we’re going to cover those basics so the BLTP becomes your best friend. Read more about Black Lion Trading Post Basics

Mists of Pandaria, Returning from Tyria

Greetings From BlandariaHiya Players! Last week during the crazy Black Friday deals I found myself picking up only one thing on a whim: World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. I hadn’t planned on ever returning to Warcraft, but the memories of raiding and the $20 price tag on the expansion made me stop thinking about all the stuff I didn’t like for a bit in lieu of hope. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the best results.

When first logging in I was actually greeted by the friendliness of guildies from my old raiding group, which was a much welcome sign. Unfortunately the next thing that came out of his mouth was that they were in desperate need of a good healer (IE me) since they’re not making much progress in raids. This made me feel wanted, if not guilted, into at least trying to level.
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Fractals of the Mists First Impressions

Hiya Players! With the Lost Shore weekend’s events over it’s time to settle down and experience the other new content that Guild Wars 2’s The Lost Shores event brought us. The first thing on my list to give some attention to was Fractals of the Mists. Now I’ll admit, I haven’t spent as much time in the regular Guild Wars 2 dungeons as I’d like but I figure there was no better place to start than at the end, right?

Fractals Of The Mists LoadingTo start with a basic run down of how Fractals of The Mists varies from standard dungeons you need to know the following:

  • The entrance to Fractals of the Mists (FotM or Frac) is in Lion’s Arch, just NE of the Claw Island Portage Waypoint.
  • Players under level 80 will be scaled up to level 80, just as they are in World VS World.
  • When you enter the dungeon you’ll be in the waiting room where there are a few NPC to repair and buy stuff.
  • Once your team is ready, step into the middle to start entering into Fractals and will be given one randomly.
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The Lost Shores aka The Lag Shores Review

Hiya Players! With Guild Wars 2’s The Lost Shores coming to a close, now is the perfect time to evaluate the effectiveness of the weekend as a whole. This was a big weekend for Arenanet, coming out of the highly successful Halloween event last month, so lets see how well they did in this weekend event without a holiday to fall back on.

Courtesy of PC Gamer
Let’s start with the phase breakdown. Similar to the Halloween events, Arenanet broke down the entire event into separate parts to bring players back into the game on different days and play out the events. I think this was a great idea, but I don’t like the way they did it. The Halloween events told us a time and a place for each phase, but no idea what was going to happen until the day-of. I think this was really well done, since it gave the player more incentive to see what the surprise was going to be. With The Lost Shores, we were told everything that was going to happen which left little to the imagination. I do think they did wise by making the first two events last a few times during the day, and the final event only happening once; But telling us before hand what each of those events were going to have us do was a mistake. Read more about The Lost Shores aka The Lag Shores Review

The Lost Shores Intro Event

Hiya Players! We just got done killing the first wave of Karka to invade Lion’s Arch in Guild Wars 2’s The Lost Shores event. For those that might have missed it, a quick summary:

  • It took place at the Lighthouse.
  • We saw a video, then had to fight Karka
  • To defeat the egg layers, you needed to kill their babies. After killing thier babies, the egg layers died.
  • Once all of the egg layers died, we were told to kill the Ancient Karka, but dude ran off.
  • We saw another video.

That’s about it. It’s now the goal of all players to find out “WTF just happened?!”. Head to Ellen Kiel or Levvi to get going on the next steps, which should (hopefully) be open to everybody. Alternatively, head over to Tyrro to find out what’s up with the rifts.
Side note: That lag was crazy!

Hit the Jump for the vid. Read more about The Lost Shores Intro Event

The Lost Shores Schedule Revealed, Plan Accordingly

Hiya Players! With the coming of the ‘next big thing’ in Guild Wars 2 being The Lost Shores, we were given a little more information this week on when it’s going to start and what to expect. The event will start on November 16th at 3:00 PM EST in Lion’s Arch and run through to the 18th. On the 17th at 3:00 PM EST, the second phase will start – Even if you miss these kick-off times you can still do the events.

The Lost ShoreThe grand finale of The Lost Shores event will be on Nov 18th at 3:00 PM and will start the One Time Only world event. You’ll need to be online in order to do this. The lasting results of the weekend will remain in-game permanently. Read more about The Lost Shores Schedule Revealed, Plan Accordingly

Lunatic Inquisition in Guild Wars 2

Lunatic InquisitionHiya Players! With Halloween well on it’s way, Guild Wars 2’s Halloween events are in bloom as well. This weekend Act III started, introducing us to many new events including the Lunatic Inquisition PVP-style minigame.

The idea behind Lunatic Inquisition is simple: Survive – Think of this as a giant game of ‘hide and go seek’. Most players will start out as a villager with no skills and must try to survive for the whole 13 minutes without being killed. If a player dies, they become a courtier. Some players will start as courtiers (chosen at random) just to get the game started. Regardless of which side you end up on, you have the opportunity to win personalized trick-or-treat bags.
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GW2 gets PtPVP – sPVP October Updates

Hiya Players! On Tuesday Arenanet went ahead and announced some new changes to sPVP UI and inclusion of PtPVP for all the world to enjoy. There isn’t a lot of changes being made to the playstyle itself, but more just the options PVPers have.

TPVP Tournament Browser - GW2 sPVPThe first thing that was announced is that Paid tournaments (PtPVP) are now live. These are similar to regular free tPVP, but have a few more requirements. In order to compete in a PtPVP, you must have tickets (obtained through free tPVP or purchased from the Black Lion Marketplace) as well as have a full 5-man team – No more pugging! Because the requirements are higher though, they prizes are better as well.

With the introduction of PtPVP we are also introduced to QP, or Qualifying Points. You’re able to get these by winning matches, though we’re not sure if it’s 1 point per match won or per tournament won. QP will be used as a ranking system for a leader board, so you can brag about your ‘mad skillz’. These points will also double as requirements for entrance in future PtPVP. Read more about GW2 gets PtPVP – sPVP October Updates