PVS Gaming Weekends!

Hiya Players! Sara and I decided it would be a fun idea to get people together to play some games, and broadcast it on twitch so other people can join in on the fun. And by fun, I mean the idea of a “co-optional” couch co-op. The idea is to get back to actually trying […]

PVS Gaming Gets An Extra Life

Welcome to PVS Gaming, formerly known as Player VS Everything. With the new year, we decided to go with a new name; Hopefully one that works this time. ‘VS Everything’? What was I thinking?! I’ve decided to scrap the previous site and rebuild using the best parts for two reasons: 1. Drop off the crap […]

PVS MMO: A look at Diablo 3’s Beta Weekend

This weekend Jeff and I got a chance to try out Blizzard’s upcoming game Diablo 3. Though it’s been some time since the previous installment was released, the hype for this game is still as hot as Diablo himself. Initial Impression: While it has been a while since I have played Diablo II, Diablo III […]

PVS MMOs: The 7 Stages of MMO Gaming

In an MMO game’s life span, it will go through multiple phases as it develops. Gamers often seem to forget this before they run to the forums to complain and make negative comments. Now don’t get me wrong sometimes the game needs the hate, but only during the proper phases. Before rushing to the keyboard, make sure you understand the 7 Stages of MMO Gaming.
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Player VS Everything: Now A Com

As the title says, Player Vs Everything (PVS) has moved over to it’s new domain, PlayerVSEverything.com . Please update your bookmarks. Older links and RSS feeds should automatically update as well. If anybody hits any bugs, please let up know. We’ve been getting a decent number of visitors the past few weeks, and hopefully we […]

Player VS Food: Code Red Mountain Dew

Hello newbie nibs! Today we’re going to take a look at something to drink while playing, instead of something to eat. That something of course, is going to be Code Red Mountain Dew. This takes the original awesome that is Mountain Dew (or more recently branded ‘MTN Dew’), and adds a cherry twist to it. It’s my personal favorite of the Mountain Dew flavors, but I’ll try to keep my bias at bay.
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Player VS Food: Honey Cruller (Doughnut)

Hello again loyal readers, and a welcome to those new ones as well. For those just tuning in, each week we pick out a meal or snack to push down our throat-holes while raiding and determine how well-equipped we are to be multitasking in such a way. In continuation with snacky foods, today I’m going […]

Player VS Food: Giant Pixy Stix

Hello Hello, and welcome to another PVF. Today we’re looking at more of a short buff then something to satisfy a 40-man raid hunger. What treat? Nothing less than a Giant Pixy Stix made by Wonka. Cost: $2 Skill required to make: Level 1; buy. Time required to make: None. Taste Stats: It’s pure sugar. […]

Player VS Food: Dinner is Served

Welcome to the pre-installment of our weekly column, Player VS Food. In our newest adventure, we’ll be taking a look at a variety of foods, beverages, and snacks to determine how well they coincide with Players in their natural environment: Gaming! Today’s post will be simply a quick run down of what to expect, and […]