Player VS Food: Code Red Mountain Dew

Hello newbie nibs! Today we’re going to take a look at something to drink while playing, instead of something to eat. That something of course, is going to be Code Red Mountain Dew. This takes the original awesome that is Mountain Dew (or more recently branded ‘MTN Dew’), and adds a cherry twist to it. It’s my personal favorite of the Mountain Dew flavors, but I’ll try to keep my bias at bay.
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Player VS Food: Bugles (Original)

This week I was lucky enough to get my hands on a bag of Bugles (Original). These bagged snacks are similar to Potato Chips, which we’ve all ready put through the test. A large difference here though is that these are corn chips, not potato-based. We went with Original flavored because 1) I’m boring and 2) It’s easier to get a general idea how the product stands up.

I loved these when I was younger, since you can play with them by putting them on your fingers and pretending you had long nails. Lame? Maybe. They’ve just recently become available again up here so of course I needed to grab some. I’ve only been able to find them at Wal-Mart so far, but I’m sure that one of your local grocery stores has it in stock too.

We put these to the test on Monday night during a Firelands raid, then again through The Siege on Wyrmrest Temple using the new Looking For Raid (LFR) tool that just rolled out with patch 4.3.
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Player VS Food: Honey Cruller (Doughnut)

Hello again loyal readers, and a welcome to those new ones as well. For those just tuning in, each week we pick out a meal or snack to push down our throat-holes while raiding and determine how well-equipped we are to be multitasking in such a way. In continuation with snacky foods, today I’m going […]

Player VS Food: Giant Pixy Stix

Hello Hello, and welcome to another PVF. Today we’re looking at more of a short buff then something to satisfy a 40-man raid hunger. What treat? Nothing less than a Giant Pixy Stix made by Wonka. Cost: $2 Skill required to make: Level 1; buy. Time required to make: None. Taste Stats: It’s pure sugar. […]

Player VS Food: Pita Pizzas

Welcome to our weekly column where we chow down on delicious food during our raid time to see how well it works for us, and how close we get to our hunger cap. This week, we’re eating Pita Pizzas. In short, these are mini pita shells with pizza toppings inside. I had these thanks to […]

Player VS Food: Potato Chips

Today we start on a new quest line. Completion of this would reward the most epic loot table consisting of only the highest level food for we, the Players, to put in our throat hole while we game. Many have started this quest, but none have the level or skill yet to complete it. Come […]

Player VS Food: Dinner is Served

Welcome to the pre-installment of our weekly column, Player VS Food. In our newest adventure, we’ll be taking a look at a variety of foods, beverages, and snacks to determine how well they coincide with Players in their natural environment: Gaming! Today’s post will be simply a quick run down of what to expect, and […]