Fractals of the Mists First Impressions

Hiya Players! With the Lost Shore weekend’s events over it’s time to settle down and experience the other new content that Guild Wars 2’s The Lost Shores event brought us. The first thing on my list to give some attention to was Fractals of the Mists. Now I’ll admit, I haven’t spent as much time in the regular Guild Wars 2 dungeons as I’d like but I figure there was no better place to start than at the end, right?

Fractals Of The Mists LoadingTo start with a basic run down of how Fractals of The Mists varies from standard dungeons you need to know the following:

  • The entrance to Fractals of the Mists (FotM or Frac) is in Lion’s Arch, just NE of the Claw Island Portage Waypoint.
  • Players under level 80 will be scaled up to level 80, just as they are in World VS World.
  • When you enter the dungeon you’ll be in the waiting room where there are a few NPC to repair and buy stuff.
  • Once your team is ready, step into the middle to start entering into Fractals and will be given one randomly.
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PVS Wakfu: World Boss Revamp Impressions

Last week, shortly after the release of the 2012 Developer Roadmap, Ankama Developer Zeorus took the time to go into a little more detail about how World Bosses Revamp will work in the upcoming content release.

Currently, World Bosses (WB) will spawn between 24-72 hours per server. This is assuming that they don’t end up getting bugged and not spawning at all. These World Bosses consist of Black Crow, Moowolf and Gobbsage. Each of these bosses have the potential to drop the (currently) best gear in the game for each element. Given their rarity this would be fine were there alternative options for gear end-game, However that’s not the case. If you don’t get WB Gear, you don’t get end-game gear and must use gear that is 10 to 20 levels below the current max level.

In the upcoming content release these bosses will be renamed from World Bosses to Ultimate Bosses, and will now be instanced (instead of random timed server spawn). Zeorus gives three main reasons for this change:
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PVS The Secret World: GDC 2012 Presentation Awesomeness

Last week at GCD 2012, Fun Com & EA reveled more of the upcoming game The Secret World that fans have been waiting for now for over a year. At the presentation, more than a few of the lead writers and designers weighed on various aspects of the game including character creation, starting zones, builds and crafting. The presentation, being just over 30 minutes, leaves everybody wanting more but also gives us a ton of previously unreleased info. Check out the video, then check out our opinions after the jump.
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Resto Druid VS Patch 4.3: 5-Man Dungeon Loot

With Patch 4.3 coming out as early as Tuesday (Today?!) Resto druids have a lot to look forward to. A lot of nerfs mostly, but a lot none the less. As with every patch though, it brings us new loot. Today we’re going to have a look at what we can get right out of the starting gate with the three new 5-man dungeons versus what is currently available as of Tier 12 (Patch 4.2).

For loot from Raids, Valor Points, or Crafted from this patch, Check out Resto Druid VS Patch 4.3: Raid, Valor Point and Crafted Loot.

Keep in mind these are values as they are on the PTR. This can, but likely will not, change before release.
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Player VS PTR Patch 4.3: Hour of Twilight 5-man Dungeon

I would do a review of this, but this dungeon sucks. To start off, there is no NPC to tell you where to go. You’d assume it’s straight, but it’s actually the portal behind you (beside the dungeon entrance). Then you get to escort Thrall the entire dungeon. First boss I kept getting silenced and […]

Player VS PTR Patch 4.3: End Time 5-man Dungeon

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the upcoming patch 4.3 for World of Warcraft. It’s day two of the new patch for WoW on the PTR (Public Test Realm) and I’m finally getting settled in. I have all my add-ons working, I’m bored with transmogification, so it’s time to start on the new content: Dungeons. […]