PVS Wakfu: 2012 Roadmap Impressions

Last Week Ankama/Square-Enix buckled under the constant pressure from the Wakfu community and finally gave fans a glimpse of the future of Wakfu and what the companies hope to accomplish the end of the year. This 2012 Development Roadmap was needed after many players found themselves feeling like this game is all ready being neglected, and turning towards other games for their future MMO needs. This glimmer of light though brings much hope though that they might actually be listening to all the whining on the forums. Let’s take a look at the highlights!

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PVS Wakfu: Patch 1.2 Breakdown

With another new patch (and in such a short amount of time) we get a bunch of new stuff. I think the number “1.2” must be a staple in the MMO community, big things happen on this patch. Anyway, let’s have a quick run down of stuff from this patch. Full patch notes here. Rogues […]

PVS Wakfu: A Wakfu Introductory Guide

Wakfu Intro Guide LogoWelcome to the World of Twelve. For those of you that played Dofus, welcome back. In today’s Wakfu Intro we’re going to be taking a quick look at what Wakfu is, as well as some of the basics to get you started. I’d suggest reading all of it, and memorizing some parts; not because of my excellent writing skills but because there’s not much in-game to help you much further.

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Player VS SWTOR: A guide for Warcraft players (Part 1)

The biggest name now for years in the MMO gaming industry has been World of Warcraft. Even for those that don’t currently play it, it’s undeniable that you’ve heard of it or know somebody who has. It’s become a staple in the online gaming community and home to many, many gamers. Because of this, it’s an easy point of reference for many concepts used throughout the massively multiplayer online gaming universe.

Thrall VS The Sith
Things change though, games get old and people move; such is life online. Moving is hard though! My goal today is to not only give you a good guide on what Star Wars: The Old Republic and World of Warcraft share, but also those things that make SWTOR different and what you need to know. When you’re finished this, you can jump in feet first and feel totally pro. Let’s get started!
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