WildStar: Beta Impressions (Finally!)

Hiya Players! So I’ve finally gotten to play a weekend of beta on WildStar, and I was absolutely not disappointed. Before I get into what I thought of it, let me first throw out some facts about it since it’s not very well-known. What is WildStar? WildStar is a new MMO coming out on June […]

PVS: Looking for Authors!

That’s right, we’re looking for smart people (or even moderately smart, we’re not picky) to come write for PVS. We’d like to cover more than one game at a time, but we’re a little limited on active staff right now (aka me). Requirements are few, so we’d love to hear from you. Read more about PVS: Looking for Authors!

PVS MMO: A look at Diablo 3’s Beta Weekend

This weekend Jeff and I got a chance to try out Blizzard’s upcoming game Diablo 3. Though it’s been some time since the previous installment was released, the hype for this game is still as hot as Diablo himself. Initial Impression: While it has been a while since I have played Diablo II, Diablo III […]

PVS MMOs: The 7 Stages of MMO Gaming

In an MMO game’s life span, it will go through multiple phases as it develops. Gamers often seem to forget this before they run to the forums to complain and make negative comments. Now don’t get me wrong sometimes the game needs the hate, but only during the proper phases. Before rushing to the keyboard, make sure you understand the 7 Stages of MMO Gaming.
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Player VS SWTOR: A Fortnight in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Aside from my short trip through the weekend beta, my time playing Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) prior to launch was limited. However thanks to a lovely birthday gift card, I decided to pick this game up and give WoW a break for a bit. I was pleasantly surprised at what came out of […]

Player VS PTR Patch 4.3: Hour of Twilight 5-man Dungeon

I would do a review of this, but this dungeon sucks. To start off, there is no NPC to tell you where to go. You’d assume it’s straight, but it’s actually the portal behind you (beside the dungeon entrance). Then you get to escort Thrall the entire dungeon. First boss I kept getting silenced and […]

Player VS PTR Patch 4.3: End Time 5-man Dungeon

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the upcoming patch 4.3 for World of Warcraft. It’s day two of the new patch for WoW on the PTR (Public Test Realm) and I’m finally getting settled in. I have all my add-ons working, I’m bored with transmogification, so it’s time to start on the new content: Dungeons. […]