PVS Gaming Weekends!

Hiya Players! Sara and I decided it would be a fun idea to get people together to play some games, and broadcast it on twitch so other people can join in on the fun. And by fun, I mean the idea of a “co-optional” couch co-op.

The idea is to get back to actually trying to play games with other people in the same room, like used to happen (console) generations before us.

Right now, we’re thinking of one day every other weekend (Likely Saturday, depending what works best for everybody attending), and we’ll try playing different games each weekend. We’re still hammering out the details of times and games, but here is how it stands thus far:

June 7th:
Dungeonland & Worms: Clan Wars
Claim your seat for June 7th!

June 21st:
Awesomenauts & Castle Crashers
Claim your seat for June 21st!

July 5th:
A Virus Names Tom & Spelunky
Claim your seat for July 5th!

To start we plan on holding them at our place, since we’ve got a pretty nice living room setup. The key will be getting you guys to come over, and deciding on games. I’m not above bribing with food.

I’ve made a spreadsheet of games that I have/have been suggested so far. More are welcome in the comments. Feel free to check it out.

If you’re interested
Thoughts and opinions? Volunteers or game suggestions? Comments people!

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