PVS Gaming Gets An Extra Life

Welcome to PVS Gaming, formerly known as Player VS Everything. With the new year, we decided to go with a new name; Hopefully one that works this time. ‘VS Everything’? What was I thinking?!

I’ve decided to scrap the previous site and rebuild using the best parts for two reasons:
1. Drop off the crap that PlayerVSEverything had become (which was mostly a target for spambots). Yes, there was good stuff there somewhere but most of it was bogged down garbage.

2. I need to make up for 2013. All of it, the entire year. With a total of 9 posts, it was truly just pathetic. Even the posts that existed were less than stellar. That’s not the quality I wanted, that’s not the impression I want to leave in those visitors’ minds.

That said I did like the shorter form of PVS, so that is staying. Those good posts I did now and then will take lead as the quality of content I want to use as a jump point and make better. The rest of what PVS Gaming will become will be new mad skillz!

What to look forward to with PVS Gaming:

  • More Posts, More Games – I’ve got a truckload of games waiting for me to play and a little more possibility to get games when they come out. I also get a week straight off every other week with this schedule, so my excuses will be far less believable. That said, I really am going to make an effort to get through some so I can give my two cents there.
  • More Media – I’ve got an internet connection with a pretty good computer, so can hopefully give videos another try. Let’s Play? Let’s hope so.
  • More Interaction – Between the turning off all comments to stop spambots and my lack of communication outside my computer desk, I was hard to reach. I’m back with the modern times now, can do almost everything from my phone, and should be more than available for all your social needs.
  • More…More! – I just want to do more with the site. Even with my good posts, I never really went anywhere with the site. I always felt I was talking to nobody regardless of what stats said. Let’s blame it on me being uneasy talking to new people for not pushing harder there. This year on top of making more content solo, I’m going to further reach out to you, the Players, as well as other content developers and see where I can go with putting together a more active community and a better pressence. Expect something good this year. And expect me to reach out to your for your feedback.

TL:DR; I’m going to do more posts, talk about more games, make more posts about more games more often, and do more with people. So expect more and be ready!

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