Player VS Everything: Now A Com

As the title says, Player Vs Everything (PVS) has moved over to it’s new domain, . Please update your bookmarks. Older links and RSS feeds should automatically update as well. If anybody hits any bugs, please let up know.

We’ve been getting a decent number of visitors the past few weeks, and hopefully we can keep that ball rolling with our new domain. We have more content scheduled for the next few weeks including some game reviews and a few more guides. We’re also keeping our eyes and ears open for any topic opportunities that might come up. If you have any suggestions, we want to hear about it.

Keep your eyes peeled as well for a Facebook page either this week or next, and perhaps a twitter. We plan on expanding the site and adding a few features in near future so be sure to check back often. And be sure to tell your friends!

P.S. New posts with real content will be up tomorrow!

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