PVS Playdate: July/August Schedule

Hiya Players! I’m proud to announce the next set of PVS Playdates, based on the fact that the previous two went well. If by chance you missed them, you can find the highlights up on Youtube (or latest will within a few days).

Each event will be a session of couch co-op (or local multiplayer, however you’d like to say it), with accompanied food and fun. Also likely a lot of swearing, and it streamed on Twitch to the…2 people that watch it. We supply the games, you supply the you.

Keep in mind you don’t need to know what the game is or be good at it, I sure as heck won’t be. Aside from installing it to make sure it works, most of these games aren’t tried until the Playdate, just so we’re on a level playing field.

Please be sure to RSVP via on the G+ Event, so we can easily keep track of who is coming.

July 5th:

Claim your spot on the couch for July 5th!
AVirusNamedTom Spelunky
A Virus Named Tom: Puzzle Game.
Spelunky: Platformery?

July 19th:

Claim your spot on the couch for July 19th!
OctodadLogo SpeedRunners
Octodad: Dadliest Catch: You control an arm of an octopus man pretending to be a man. Each player controls one arm/leg.
SpeedRunners: Speed Run with super-powers to against other players to get to the end.

August 2nd:

Claim your spot on the couch for August 2nd!
ChompyChompChomp tinybrains
Chompy Chomp Chomp: Bomberman meets pac-man, competitive play against other players.
Tiny Brains: Co-Op puzzle solving.

August 16th:

Claim your spot on the couch for August 16th!
MarioKart8 NintendoLand
Mario Kart 8: Race go-carts.
Nintendo Land: Minigames

August 30th:

Claim your spot on the couch for August 30th!
ForcedLogo RaymanLegends
Forced: Co-Op dungeon crawler goodness.
Rayman Legends: Co-Op. Best platformer ever.

Hope to see you all there!

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