Extra Life: November 2nd, 2013!

Hi guys this won’t be a long post, so I’m going to get straight to the point:
Sara and I will both be participating in Extra Life this year on Saturday November 2nd, 2013 and we could use your support.

What is Extra Life?
In short, Extra Life is a gaming marathon to raise money for children’s charities. It’s similar to a running marathon, except instead of running a crazy amount to raise the funds you play games for 25 hours straight instead. Any and all gaming is encouraged, we’ll be doing video games, board games and Geo-caching games this year.

When is it?
Saturday November 2nd, 2013 starting at 8AM MDT (10 AM EST) and going for the 25 hours following.

What charity are we doing it for?
Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation here in Edmonton.

What is the plan for the day?
8AM: Wake up, play games at the house (likely PC or Pokemon).
12pm: Matt, Sara and I (and hopefully other Enlightened crew) are going to paint Edmonton green in Ingress.
6PM until 2AM: We plan on rocking some board games up at the Naked Cafe
2AM until 9AM: No idea! Perhaps more ingress, or more Pokemon? Can you ever play too much Pokemon?

These could change depending on how the day rolls out. If all goes well with my computer, I’ll try to get something up on twitch as well for your streaming pleasure.

How can you, the reader, help out?
1) You could donate towards the cause. Every dollar counts and ALL money that you raise will be going towards Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation. You can donate to
Jeff (myself), Sara or Matt; Anything raised goes towards our personal fundraising goal, as well as our team, Edmonton Enlightened, goal.
(And for those concerned, it is tax deductible)

2) If you’re strapped for cash, no worries! Moral support and playing along with us works just as well. Shoot me a message, let me know what games you’re playing and we can play some together. You don’t even have to let me win (this time)!

3) Spread the word. Point people to this page, or directly to our sponsor page. We’ve gone out and dropped very subtle hints to everybody we know, you could do the same!

That’s about it. All support is much appreciated. I’m going to likely be posting during game time here, Twitter, as well as on Google+. Be sure to stop by and say hi!

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