…An Adventure Ends

It’s been a long time since I posted here last. Like, a really long time.
The Internet has changed a lot since blogs became a thing, and they’re no longer a key player in information consumption. The introduction and expansion of social media killed that.

When I first started writing, it was only writing. When inserting pictures became the norm, that was HUGE. By the time videos started becoming more common, I had other responsibilities that left me struggling to keep up.

When I started PVSGaming, the goal was to build a community around the idea of people just playing games. They didn’t need to be good at the games, or even know what they were doing, but just have fun. It was targeted at the more casual player, that I was becoming.

The mistake I made was building it as a community, then expected it to fill up (if you built it, they will come). Time proved me wrong that those who are more successful are those who built a community around themselves. If an individual got big enough, they merged communities with other individuals at that time. PVSGaming never really took off in that aspect.

Realizing the error of my ways I tried branching out and just doing PVSJeff. Unfortunately given that PVSGaming never took off, the PVS part never really made much sense. It also didn’t help that my life took other directions when it came to my career.

To summarize, PVSGaming and PVSJeff didn’t work. So with that said, I’m going to be done with PVSGaming and work on unbranding (rebranding) from PVSGaming and let this page and everything with it archive.

Because I’m bad at ‘throwing anything out’ I’m going to continue to leave the pages as they are. Regardless of the quality of all the content, some of it wasn’t horrible (if not now dated). Don’t expect any updates. Maybe in the distant future I’ll collect all the sites I had and merge them into a scrapbook.

I’ll focus for the time being on Twitter being where I update anything. We’ll leave it there.

That’ll do Pig. That’ll do.

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