Player VS Food: Nachos with Cheese

This week’s Player Versus Food is going to be all about nom-nom-nom’ing on Nachos with cheese. This suggestion came from my guildie Wargiblet, as it’s one of his favorites.

Apirka and I tested these hunks of cheese Wednesday during our 10 man raid in Dragon Soul.

Cost: Roughly $6, with mats to spare.
Crafting Skill required: Level 10; requires cooking the ground beef, then heating up nachos to melt cheese in oven.
Mats required: We used Tostitos (Restaurant Style), about 1/4 of a block of cheddar cheese, and about 1/2 cup of ground beef.
Time to craft: Around 20 minutes.
Taste stats: There really isn’t anywhere to go wrong with these tastes. We have nacho chips with a satisfying crunch, tons of cheese, and some beef. These taste great.
Ease to eat: Two-Handed. Because of the cheese, these need 2 hands to be pulled apart.
Time to eat: 15 seconds; plate -> pull apart -> mouth.
Buff (Nutritional Value): The Tostitos alone have 260 calories for 12 chips, and we used around 40 chips. Cheese is good for you, but also not due to the fat in it. We went with lean ground beef this time which is a little healthier. You could also add chopped onions or peppers which would increase the nutritional value. Over all it’s not the healthiest thing to eat, but does have a lot of healthy elements to it. In moderation, these are good for you.
Debuff: First off there is the cheese. Because all the chips are stuck together, you need two hands to pull them apart. They’re also pretty greasy due to the cheese.
Max FPS (Food Per Sitting): One plate full.
Overall Food Level (fLvl): Uncommon (50). These taste great, and are actually one of the more healthy items we’ve looked out so far. It does have a huge debuff, but it balances out with the other stats.

If you have any ideas for foods, feel free to PST in the comments, and we can group up and down them. Going forward, we’re going to start posted PVF on Tuesdays, instead of Mondays, since it aligns better with my current raid schedule. We’ll log again for PVF next Tuesday, and we can level more then. Chow!

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