Player VS Food: Dinner is Served

Welcome to the pre-installment of our weekly column, Player VS Food.
In our newest adventure, we’ll be taking a look at a variety of foods, beverages, and snacks to determine how well they coincide with Players in their natural environment: Gaming!

Today’s post will be simply a quick run down of what to expect, and we’ll be following up later today with our first food choice.

Cost: Average amount that the item will cost.
Skill required to make: How hard is it to get this item.
Time required to make: How long will it take you to get this item.
Taste Stats: This is often the most important thing to consider, and we’ll look into that.
Ease to eat: While gaming, how difficult is it for you to eat the item.
Time to eat: How long it takes for the item to go from in-front of you, to inside you.
Buff (Nutritional Value): How good is this item for your body in general.
Debuff: What are the negative effects (if any) from this item being digested.
Max FPS (Food Per Sitting): How much of this item will you need before you want to stop eating?
Overall Food Level (fLvl): We’ll consider all of the above, and grade the item to see how well equipped you’ll be after gearing up. Possible fLvls are Poor(1), Common(25), Uncommon(50), Rare(75), Epic(100), Legandary(125)

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