Player VS Food: Code Red Mountain Dew

Hello newbie nibs! Today we’re going to take a look at something to drink while playing, instead of something to eat. That something of course, is going to be Code Red Mountain Dew. This takes the original awesome that is Mountain Dew (or more recently branded ‘MTN Dew’), and adds a cherry twist to it. It’s my personal favorite of the Mountain Dew flavors, but I’ll try to keep my bias at bay.

Cost: Around $5 USD for a case of 12 cans.
Crafting Skill required: Level 2; Buy, open can, and drink.
Mats required: Fingers and can (a cup if you’re fancy!)
Time to craft: 10 minutes
Taste stats: I love Mountain Dew; and being a deprived Canadian, I need to ship it up from the United States in order to get the additional flavors or any with Caffeine in it. That said, I love it and with the cheery twist to it I can drink this by the bucket it’s so good.
Ease to eat: One hand.
Time to eat: 2 seconds; can -> mouth.
Buff (Nutritional Value): A can of Code Red Mountain Dew (12 oz / 355 ML) has 45 grams of sugar, and 54mg of caffeine. This makes it higher than standard cola drinks (with 33mg of caffeine per can) but still lower than those branded as ‘energy drinks’. There’s really no nutritional value in it at all but gives you a good rush of energy.
Debuff: Though amazing for staying awake, I find that it rarely quenches my thirst.
Max FPS (Food Per Sitting): 1-3 cans
Overall Food Level (fLvl): Rare (75). Though this drink lacks any nutritional flavor, it serves it’s purpose to provide flavor and tons of energy to keep you awake and alert during a raid.

If you have any ideas for foods, feel free to PST in the comments, and we can group up and down them. We’ll (hopefully) log again for PVF next Tuesday, and we can level more then. Chow!

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