Player VS Food: Bugles (Original)

This week I was lucky enough to get my hands on a bag of Bugles (Original). These bagged snacks are similar to Potato Chips, which we’ve all ready put through the test. A large difference here though is that these are corn chips, not potato-based. We went with Original flavored because 1) I’m boring and 2) It’s easier to get a general idea how the product stands up.

I loved these when I was younger, since you can play with them by putting them on your fingers and pretending you had long nails. Lame? Maybe. They’ve just recently become available again up here so of course I needed to grab some. I’ve only been able to find them at Wal-Mart so far, but I’m sure that one of your local grocery stores has it in stock too.

We put these to the test on Monday night during a Firelands raid, then again through The Siege on Wyrmrest Temple using the new Looking For Raid (LFR) tool that just rolled out with patch 4.3.

Cost: As low as $2 for a large bag!
Crafting Skill required: Level 1; just open bag.
Mats required: Bag, Bugles.
Time to craft: Less than 5 minutes.
Taste stats: These, like many other corn chips, taste great and are a nice change to chips. These also come in a variety of flavors
Ease to eat: One-handed.
Time to eat: 4 seconds; bag -> hand -> mouth.
Buff (Nutritional Value): Serving has 160 calories, 9g of fat and 310g of sodium. That said, just because they’re corn doesn’t make it healthy. They are more filling then some other snacky foods though, and give a satisfying crunch.
Debuff: These are nowhere near as greasy as chips, but still have a few crumbs. I wouldn’t consider this game-impacting though. However eating these does make me very thirsty, which makes me drink more.
Max FPS (Food Per Sitting): Quarter of a bag to half a bag.
Overall Food Level (fLvl): Uncommon (50). I love these things, but really they aren’t the best raid food. They’re good and easy to eat, and have little residue, but the fact that they’re not healthy keeps this from getting a higher score.

If you have any ideas for foods, feel free to PST in the comments, and we can group up and down them. Though we were late this week due to internet issues, We’ll log again for PVF next Monday, and we can level more then. Chow!

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