Player VS PTR Patch 4.3: End Time 5-man Dungeon

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the upcoming patch 4.3 for World of Warcraft.

It’s day two of the new patch for WoW on the PTR (Public Test Realm) and I’m finally getting settled in. I have all my add-ons working, I’m bored with transmogification, so it’s time to start on the new content: Dungeons.

The first of the three new dungeons is named End Time. This is actually a fairly short dungeon, and can be completed in less than 15 minutes. When doing the random dungeon finder it awards 150 valor points. Once you zone in, take the teleporter (Time Transit Device) to the first Dragonshire on the list, kill some trash, kill the boss, then go to the next Dragonshire on the list. Repeat. Once you’ve killed 3 bosses, you go to the Bronze Dragonshire to fight Murozond. The first three bosses you fight will be selected at random, and will take place at the different Dragonshires.

Echo of Jaina (Azure Dragonshire): Collect 16 of her staff pieces to make her less-transparent and targetable. During the fight it’s a tank n spank, and she’ll teleport around a bit. Avoid the giant blue beams she shoots out to avoid getting frozen. Run over the flowers she throws as soon as you can, otherwise they grow really big and do a ton of AoE damage.

Echo of Baine (Obsidium Dragonshire): You can avoid adds. Baine will be on one of the four islands floating in magma. Ranged should be on separate islands if possible. During the fight he will cast pulverize, and destroy one of the islands. Swim to another one as quick as possible, as the magma puts a debuff on you. He’ll also throw his totem at a random group member, throwing them back into the magma. The totem can then be picked up and thrown at Baine to daze him. Repeat until he dies.

Echo of Sylvanas (Ruby Dragonshire): You can avoid all adds. Tank her and avoid the purple fire on the ground. Around 30% she will create a purple spot on the ground and fly above it, sucking all people beneath her. She will also summon a circle of ghouls linked with lightning. Choose a ghoul and kill him, then run through the opening. She’ll drop back down to earth to be killed after.

Echo of Tyrande (Emerald Dragonshire): The whole place is dark here. Random spots of light will appear, run to them. During this time adds will just keep coming. Eventually you get to a dark moonwell, where Tyrande will be. During the fight simply avoid the beams of light she shoots out. Each beam will split in 4 more beams. Simply stay spread out.

Murozond (Bronze Dragonshire): Once you kill trash, he’ll come down to fight you. Once the fight starts, a copy in time of you will be made. Throughout the fight he’ll spawn bubbles that turn into vortexes, avoid both. If somebody stands in the vortex too long, time will roll backwards. When this happens, you move back to the place you were when the copy was made. This can only be done 5 times during the fight. He’ll also breath fire, which does pretty good damage.

Killing the bosses will drop a random piece of the new dungeon gear, ilvl 378. Compared to my Firelands Raid gear, it’s slightly lower for base stats.
Overall this dungeon is really easy, and really short. I’m expecting them to buff it before it hits the servers.

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