Zombies.: Free @ Green Man Gaming This Weekend!

ZombiesIndieGameHiya Players! Just wanted to throw a quick blurb out there about Zombies., a great little 8-bit zombie game. I’ve been hearing non-stop about how great the soundtrack for this game is from people such as @MikeB, and finally got the chance to get my hands on a copy of the game. This weekend only Green Man Gaming and PlayFire have teamed up to offer Zombies. for $0.00 !
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Humble Bundle 7 Impressions

Humble Bundle 7Hiya Players! Awhile ago I went ahead and bought the Humble Bundle 7 and it’s taken me more than a little while to make time to find time to play all of the games that came with it. I’m going to say right off the bat I don’t regret purchasing this bundle at all since a chunk of it goes towards charity and the rest of it going to support indie developers. That said though, not all of the games are as much ‘my taste’ as I was hoping they would be. Regardless of my taste, simply knowing that indie developers out there are being pushed that little bit further to keep making games is good enough for me. Check out the jump for my opinion on the games.

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Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

ChivalryLogoHiya Players! This year during Steam’s giant Winter Sale I was fortunate enough to get Chivalry: Medieval Warfare as an Xmas gift (Thanks Del!). Though not one of my better genres, I picked this game out because it just looked awesome. Truth be told, I’m horrible at First Person Shooters (FPS) or first person anything in general. In fact, anything fast-paced where I can’t get a good FoV I’m boned. But who can resist being able to chop off somebody’s head, arm and/or leg with a broadsword? I know this is why I got it. Hit the jump for my full view on this great game. Read more about Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Does the Pokemon anime take away from the Games?

pokemon1Hiya Players! Today I’m going to stick with the Pokemon thing (hopefully I can get it out of my system). I’ve spent the last week dedicating a large chunk of my time to Pokemon Black 2, completing all the various post-game gauntlets and fights online. For those of you who haven’t picked the game up yet, it’s pretty great. Today I want to discuss more the Pokemon anime than the game itself though. Let’s dig into this sure-to-be opinionated piece.
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PVS Pokemon Black 2 Review

Pokemon Black 2 boxartHiya Players! Over this past holiday period I was fortunate enough to be gifted one of the latest in the Pokemon series, Pokemon Black 2. I don’t often like to admit it, but I’m a Pokemaniac. I may have taken a break for a bit, but with the quality of this game it’s not a wonder it’s sold so well. Let’s jump into the review.

For those who loved the old Pokemon gameplay the simplicity of starting off with a Pokemon and fighting your way through to be the best, you’ll be in luck. BW2 follows this same formula that we all know and often love. Given this is the first direct sequel Pokemon game though, it’s a little different but not enough to feel out of place. Of course with any Pokemon game, we need a Team of antagonists to get in the way of our seemingly simple rise to power. With BW2, we get another shot at Team Plasma, and the involvement with them plays through pretty well. In addition to the gym crawl and fighting back Team Plasma there was an additional amount of story content, even compared to the first BW, which was more than welcome. Comparing it to the first BW, Black 2 added enough content to the initial story for about 10 Pokemon levels before you beat the Elite Four (putting the Elite Four’s Pokemon around level 60). This change was great considering how short and easy the first BW was end-game. Read more about PVS Pokemon Black 2 Review

The Secret World’s Sub Eaten by Zombies!

Hiya Players! Today’s post comes on the heels of Funcom announcing that The Secret World is doing away with the required subscription fee. For those of us in the gaming world this is often looked at as a good thing, until the realization that most companies and games (*cough*SWTOR*cough*) end up screwing this up in […]

The Five Ingredients That Make the Best MMORPG Games

Today’s guest post is brought to you by Daniel @ MMO Attack

Massively multi-player online role-playing games have increased in popularity due the advancement in content and systems we have available in the genre. The addition of unique features constantly entice more players to play role-playing games. However, massively multi-player online role playing games must include certain elements to keep players hooked.

First ingredient: Skill-set
An MMORPG must have a unique and flashy skill-set for players to use. Skills are actions that players can perform to deal extra damage to monsters or to assist a party member. Skills are arguably a major feature that players look for in a role-playing game. If skills are not impressive graphically and do not have unique effects, it may deter a player from continuing the role-playing game.

Second ingredient: Amazing worlds
MMORPGs must have creative and unique worlds for players to explore. While most players will prefer to experience how the game works, many players find themselves playing role-playing games for the expansive worlds they offer. Players will usually deter from an MMORPG that has bland and tasteless environments. To attract more players, an MMORPG should have unique terrain features and a variety of areas to explore. Repetitive environments cause players to become bored with the game.

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Mists of Pandaria, Returning from Tyria

Greetings From BlandariaHiya Players! Last week during the crazy Black Friday deals I found myself picking up only one thing on a whim: World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. I hadn’t planned on ever returning to Warcraft, but the memories of raiding and the $20 price tag on the expansion made me stop thinking about all the stuff I didn’t like for a bit in lieu of hope. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the best results.

When first logging in I was actually greeted by the friendliness of guildies from my old raiding group, which was a much welcome sign. Unfortunately the next thing that came out of his mouth was that they were in desperate need of a good healer (IE me) since they’re not making much progress in raids. This made me feel wanted, if not guilted, into at least trying to level.
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Corsair Vengeance K90 Keyboard Review

Corsair Vengeance K90 BoxHiya Players! Today’s post is a review on my new Corsair Vengeance K90 Keyboard. At the time of writing this, I’ve had the keyboard for just over a week (with over 40 hours of gaming in Guild Wars 2), and can say I’m certainly satisfied with it thus far.

I picked this keyboard up after checking out some reviews, and it seemed to be the best option within my sub $130 price range. Add in the fact that it was $40 off thanks to a mail-in rebate, it was an easy choice.

Mechanical VS Membrane Keyboards

The Corsair Vengeance K90 Keyboard is my first mechanical keyboard; Thought I’d get that out first. Prior to now I’ve only used membrane keyboards because they were cheap and I didn’t know the difference. Even when I went out to get a ‘good gaming keyboard’ previously I came back with a Steelseries Merc Stealth which was still membrane but had the word ‘gaming’ in it. The biggest noticeable difference between the two is the sensitivity level and what is needed in order to actually hit the keys. With a membrane (standard) keyboard in order for a key to register it needs to ‘bottom out’; meaning that it needs to be pushed all the way down. With a mechanical keyboard there are different types of switches, which change when the key registers.

Corsair Vengeance K90 SteelseriesThe Vengeance K90 uses Cherry MX Red Switches which are designed with gaming in mind. On average this means I can push a key down only half way for it to register instead of needing to push it all the way down each time. This saves time and effort, in addition to lowering the strain on my hands after long gaming sessions. Transitioning from a membrane keyboard though after all these years has proven to be time consuming and frustrating at times, especially given how cold my hands get this time of the year, due to the new found sensitivity from the red switches. Touching keys even lightly often counts as a keystroke, resulting in quite a few typos of the course of a longer post or article typing session. After a week I’m noticeably getting better but this is something that you’ll need to account for when you get a new keyboard and red switches might not be ideal for everybody. In games this hasn’t become an issue.
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Fractals of the Mists First Impressions

Hiya Players! With the Lost Shore weekend’s events over it’s time to settle down and experience the other new content that Guild Wars 2’s The Lost Shores event brought us. The first thing on my list to give some attention to was Fractals of the Mists. Now I’ll admit, I haven’t spent as much time in the regular Guild Wars 2 dungeons as I’d like but I figure there was no better place to start than at the end, right?

Fractals Of The Mists LoadingTo start with a basic run down of how Fractals of The Mists varies from standard dungeons you need to know the following:

  • The entrance to Fractals of the Mists (FotM or Frac) is in Lion’s Arch, just NE of the Claw Island Portage Waypoint.
  • Players under level 80 will be scaled up to level 80, just as they are in World VS World.
  • When you enter the dungeon you’ll be in the waiting room where there are a few NPC to repair and buy stuff.
  • Once your team is ready, step into the middle to start entering into Fractals and will be given one randomly.
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