Why Nintendo is Failing – or A Look at the 2013 Report

This was going to be an informative piece of writing outlining Nintendo’s positive and negative points in 2013. It may have missed it’s mark and gotten a bit of the rant Nintendo Summary It should be no shock to anybody that Nintendo didn’t put it’s best foot forward in 2013. With the mediocre sale of […]

Saints Row IV Review: Late to the Game!

Hiya Players! After far too much waiting I finally went ahead and picked up Saints Row IV on a Steam sale and boy was I beating myself up for waiting so long. Coming into the franchise a little late (Playing Saints Row: The Third, then Saints Row 2) I had initially missed a lot of […]

Wakfu: The Animated Series Kickstarter – Go Pledge!

Hey Players, Remember Wakfu? Yeah the game I went on about so long ago. That same game that is truly addicting and don’t really know why? Well there was also a TV show that takes place in that world. A pretty good one too at that. The Bad News: It was only in French. The […]

PVS Gaming Gets An Extra Life

Welcome to PVS Gaming, formerly known as Player VS Everything. With the new year, we decided to go with a new name; Hopefully one that works this time. ‘VS Everything’? What was I thinking?! I’ve decided to scrap the previous site and rebuild using the best parts for two reasons: 1. Drop off the crap […]

Jeff’s Top 5 Games of 2013

Hiya Players! In 2013 I didn’t get to play as many games as I wanted to or for nearly as long as I wanted to. It doesn’t mean I was completely cut off though. Below are my top 5 games for 2013 based solely on how long I played them and how much enjoyment I […]

Year in Review: 2013

Hiya Players! I know it’s been some time since we’ve seen activity on the site but I want to do some review of what we, or should I say I, accomplished this year as a player. Though we have a grand total of nine posts for 2013 I wasn’t just sitting on my thumbs the […]

Extra Life: November 2nd, 2013!

Hi guys this won’t be a long post, so I’m going to get straight to the point: Sara and I will both be participating in Extra Life this year on Saturday November 2nd, 2013 and we could use your support. What is Extra Life? In short, Extra Life is a gaming marathon to raise money […]

Deponia Impressions

DeponiaHiya Players! This week I was fortunate enough to give some new and unplayed steam games much needed alone time. The game of choice that got most of that attention was none other than Deponia, which I picked up from the Indie Gala Magicka bundle not too long ago. After a few hours with this fantastic game, I’m almost ashamed to say it took me this long to try it out. Read more about Deponia Impressions

Flipping items on the Black Lion Trading Post

GoldmemberHiya Players! Today I’m going to give a quick run down on the idea of ‘flipping’ items on the Black Lion Trading Post (BLTP) in Guild Wars 2. Flipping is the action of buying an item for one price, and reselling it for a higher price to make a profit. This can actually be a fairly profitable venture for those willing to put a little bit of time into it. On the flip side, you can also make money by just letting it sit. It’s all about how you active you feel like being. Let’s get going. Read more about Flipping items on the Black Lion Trading Post

Black Lion Trading Post Basics

Hiya Players! Today I want to write up a brief introduction to the Black Lion Trading Post (BLTP) in Guild Wars 2. It has a few extra layers to it compared to many games’ markets and I’ve heard from a few people that it’s intimidating and they don’t understand it. I understand that. Having a look around the web I’m not seeing a lot of people laying out just the basics of how it works, but instead merging the basics with money making schemes making it overly complicated Today, we’re going to cover those basics so the BLTP becomes your best friend. Read more about Black Lion Trading Post Basics