Resto Druid VS Patch 4.3: 5-Man Dungeon Loot

With Patch 4.3 coming out as early as Tuesday (Today?!) Resto druids have a lot to look forward to. A lot of nerfs mostly, but a lot none the less. As with every patch though, it brings us new loot. Today we’re going to have a look at what we can get right out of the starting gate with the three new 5-man dungeons versus what is currently available as of Tier 12 (Patch 4.2).

For loot from Raids, Valor Points, or Crafted from this patch, Check out Resto Druid VS Patch 4.3: Raid, Valor Point and Crafted Loot.

Keep in mind these are values as they are on the PTR. This can, but likely will not, change before release.

Well of Eternity Dungeon Loot
Boss: Peroth’arn
Horned Band (finger): A slight upgrade from Spirit Fragment Band or Crystal Prison Band. Though lacking spirit, is nice due to the haste.

Boss: Queen Azshara
Scepter of Azshara (One-Hand Mace): A nice upgrade from Amani Scepter of Rites or Lightforged Elementium Hammer if not only for the int/spirit/spell power increase.

Boss: Mannoroth and Varo’then
Spaulders of Eternity (Shoulders): An upgrade from Feathers of Akil’zon due to the massive Int increase. However T12 or Flickering Shoulderpads with haste will serve you better.
Foul Gift of the Demon Lord (Trinket): With a 45s ICD on the proc, this trinket is actually looking like it can turn out to be useful. Though it will need more testing, looks to be better than Eye of Blazing Power.

Hour of Twilight Dungeon Loot
Boss: Arcurion
Evergreen Wristbands (Wrist): No Spirit or haste, better off sticking with Smolderskull Bindings or Glowing Wing Bracers

Boss: Asira Dawnslayer
Cloak of Subtle Light (Back): Slightly below Flowing Flamewrath Cape from Avengers of Hyjal – Friendly, but an upgrade from Mantle of Desire.
Leggings of Blinding Speed (Legs): With 56 less haste than Firecat Leggings but red/yellow sockets instead of blue/blue sockets, these can be more attractive for those that can spare the haste or need more spirit. T12 will still be better for raw int once you’ve hit the haste cap.

Boss: Archbishop Benedictus
Stalk of Corruption (Staff): Haste, but lacking spirit. Because it doesn’t have spirit, it’s not ideal for resto druids but still good if you don’t have mana problems.

End Time Dungeon Loot
Boss: Echo of Tyrande
Cord of Lost Hope (Waist): Lacking spirit, but a nice upgrade from Firescar Sash or Fireplume Girdle due to the higher haste and mastery instead of crit.

Boss: Echo of Jaina
Cord of Lost Hope (Waist): See Above.
Jaina’s Staff (Staff): No spirit or haste, I wouldn’t roll on this except for transmog.

Boss: Echo of Sylvanas
Cord of Lost Hope (Waist): See Above.

Boss: Echo of Baine
Cord of Lost Hope (Waist): See Above.

Boss: Murozond
Timeway Headgear (Head): Though the haste is nice, the socket bonus and lack of spirit lessens the value. I’d suggest sticking with Cowl of the Clicking Menace or T12 if you have it.

That’s it for our 5-man content this patch. There are a few things there that can prove as an upgrade for those that haven’t been raiding in T12, but for T12 raiders most of the gear would be below what you may all ready have.

Check back tomorrow and we’ll have a look at valor points gear and crafted items. Thursday we’ll look into the monster list that is raid drops. Then Friday we’ll do a nice be summation by slot and determine what you should be going for, and what you should let the noob pally have. Cya tomorrow!

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