Resto Druid VS Firelands: Shannox

Welcome to the first of seven installments in our Resto Druid VS Firelands series. We’re going to start off with Shannox since he’s often the first boss that gets taken down, as well as the easiest of the Fireland raid bosses.

In 10 man there will need two tanks, two or three healers, and the remainder being DPS.

Fight Mechanics:
This is a Two phase fight.

Phase 1
Shannox has 2 dogs with him: Riplimb and Rageface. One tank will take Shannox, the other Riplimb. Rageface attacks whoever he wants.

Throughout the fight Shannox does three things you need to watch for: Immolation Trap, Crystal Prison Trap and Hurl Spear. With the two traps, just watch your feet. Immolation trap causes fire damage to everybody around it. Crystal Prison Trap will put whoever walked over it into a crystal causing damage and making them unable to move. You also can not heal them while they are in a trap. If somebody gets stuck, they should be DPS’d out of it ASAP.

If you’re using Deadly Boss Mods or BigWigs (and you SHOULD be), it will tell you when a trap is shot at or near you. Traps take a second to arm, so you have plenty of time to move out of it. Hurl spear will be thrown at a random raid member, and cause rings of fire out from where it lands. Move out of the ring and stand between rings. Riplimb will bring the spear back to him after a few seconds then he’ll start again on the tank.

You can either bring both dogs and Shannox down to 30% HP, then kill the dogs and Shannox. Alternatively, you can kill off RageFace immediately. Each time a dog is killed, Shannox will go into a Frenzy, gaining a 30% damage and speed buff. We find it easier to kill off RageFace right away, so there is only the two tanks to heal. Once the second dog is killed, phase two starts.

Phase 2
This is a burn phase. Hurl spear will now be cast at his feet, not thrown. Keep watching for traps and fire on the ground. DPS just need to kill him before the damage becomes too much.

How to Heal It:

Phase 1
No matter which tank you’re assigned to (or even if you’re assigned only to raid healing) roll Lifeboom (LB) on one of the tanks and refresh it with Nourish when possible. It takes minimal effort and mana, and the amount of healing it does pays off. If raid healing, cast Rejuv on Rageface’s victims when they start getting attacked. Other than that Wild Growth when people take damage from Hurl Spear. Most of this fight is just tank healing, so you shouldn’t have much of a mana problem.

Phase 2
Once he enrages at the end of the fight, AoE heal while your DPS try to finish him off. Be sure LB is stays rolling on the Shannox tank.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Watch your feet. As long as you or your team members don’t stand it stuff, this fight is really easy.
  • Don’t cast Faerie Fire until Phase Two, otherwise one of the dogs may die too early or Shannox enrage at the wrong time.
  • Don’t move unless you have to. Running around doesn’t help much in this fight.
  • Drops:
    Crystal Prison Band (Finger): Good ring if you don’t have mana issues.
    Flickering Shoulderpads (Shoulder): Random stat shoulders, if you get haste & Mastery these could be better than tier.
    Goblet of Anger (Off-hand): Amazing off-hand, spirit and haste are perfect in every way for resto druids.
    Smoldering Censer of Purity (Staff)(boss): Great staff with spirit and haste on it. Really good for resto due to the huge amount of haste.

    I’ve included a video below of us downing him (though from our Hunter’s POV).
    Have fun, good luck on drops and be sure to check out our next installment on Beth’tilac!

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