Resto Druid VS Firelands: Ragnaros

Welcome to the final boss installment of Resto Druid VS Firelands; The bluntiest way of not looking stupid. For those of you just joining us not yet on this fight, be sure to check out our previous installments for Shannox, Beth’Tilac, Baleroc, Alysrazor, Lord Rhyolith and Majordomo Staghelm.

With his posse out of the way this leaves us with one final task: Downing Ragnaros, the Firelord. Ready for a read on how to down this pyromaniac?

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We completed this fight with 2 tanks, 3 healers, and 5 DPS in 10 man mode.

Fight Mechanics:
This is a three phase fight, with two transition periods.

Phase 1
Melee and tanks will be spread out along the outside of the Ragnaros’ lava pool. This can be seen easily by the large gold rim. Throughout the whole fight, Ragnaros will be putting a debuff on the tank called Burning Wound. Our tanks found around six stacks was the most they wanted to handle. Switch off until the stacks drop then then taunt back.

Ranged and healers will be spread out in the rest of the area. Everybody should be roughly 6 yards apart and try to stay within range of at least one healer.

Aside from a few fireballs here and there, ranged really just need to watch for Magma Traps and Sulfuras Smash.
The trap will be shot at a random raid member, who should move out of the way to avoid detonating them. It’s best to designate somebody to blow them up up by stepping on them when the raid is fairly full health, instead of at random. We assign our shadow priest to detonate them, as it will shoot you into the air, and levitate works great.

Smash is easily avoided. Three puddles will appear on the ground where Ragnaros will smash his hammer down. Don’t stand on the puddles. From the smash-point, waves will spread to the east, west and south (aka straight out from each circle). Avoid the waves, as they knock you back and cause a nasty debuff that will need to be dispelled.

Once you get him to 70% HP, you’ll go into the first transition stage.

First Transition
Ragnaros will smash his hammer down on the left, right, or middle of the platform. There will be a shiny light where it will be smashed. Once he does, he’ll go hide. Around the outside of the platform, you’ll see 8 lights/markers. From these, Sons of Flame will come out. These little guys are a pita. They’ll run for the hammer. They can be slowed, but not dazed. As you DPS them, they get slower. Once they get to 50% HP, they’ll almost crawl. If any of them get to the hammer, they cause massive AoE which is likely to wipe the raid. It’s best to have your strangest burst DPS/Stunners be ‘floaters’ and go to whichever adds spawn closest to the hammer.

Once all the adds are dead, or 45 seconds, phase two starts.

Phase 2
In this phase Rag is back, and will keep doing smash but will no longer do magma traps.
In it’s place he’ll now cast Molten Seeds and Engulfing Flame.

With Engulfing Flame, think of the room as divided like a race track, into three lanes: Closest lane to Rag, middle lane, Far lane (closer to the entrance). These lanes loop around Rag across the platform. When he casts this spell, one of those lanes will be set ablaze and you need to move to one of the other lanes. It’s not hard, just watch your feet.

Molten Seeds on the other hand, are a pain. Though there are a few strategies, we’ve found the best way to do it is running left to right. Once Phase 2 starts, have everybody spread out at least 6 yards apart on the left-ish side of the platform. It doesn’t need to be on the very edge. Once seeds is cast and lands at your feet, a bubble will appear. Immediately run to the opposite side of the platform and stack up. A few seconds after landing, the seeds will blow up and do AoE damage based on proximity. If the seed was within 6 yards of another seed, the damage is increased.

From the seeds, adds will come. You should be stacked and AoE them down. Once they’re down, spread out again and repeat the above; this time running from right to left when they spawn.

Repeat this until Rag is at 40%, at which point the Second Transition starts.

Second Transition
Ever heard the song Little Red Wagon? This song is called the Big Red Burning. The last of the chorus goes
“Second Transition, Same as the first, a little bit harder and a whole lot worse.”

Your Sons of Flame still spawn, and still need to be DPS’d down. This time though, they brought two bigger adds. The tanks should pick these up. Downing the small adds are still key. The big adds are just annoying, but won’t explode. You can carry them into phase 3. Until all the Sons of Flame are dead, nobody (including the tanks) sound be attacking the larger adds. As long as the tanks are holding aggro of the larger adds, then all is peachy-keen.

Blazing Heat will now also be cast on random raid member. Have them run outside the raid as a trail of fire will follow them. They need to keep running, as standing still will cause them damage. Keep the adds away from this fire, as they get healed by it.

Once the Sons of Flame are dead, phase 3 starts.

Phase 3
Kill the big adds from the transition first. Timewarp/bloodlust is good here for just nuking them. We have one tank taunt both while the other one picks up Rag to start. Ragnaros will continue to cast Sulfuras Smash and Engulfing Flame during this stage.

As a last desperate act, Rag will cast a new attacked called Summon Living Meteor. Giant meteors will fall from the sky, and fixate on a player and start chasing them. You can tell where a meteor will land as a red marker will appear on the ground. It’s wise to move out of this, as it will cause damage when it lands. As the meteor chases the player, it will get faster. Hit it with a ranged attack to knock it backwards and cause it to choose a new victim. Be sure not to get hit by the meteor or hit it into another player. It causes massive damage, and will kill most players.

We found a good strategy to deal with this phase was to play ‘meteor hockey’. On one side of the platform, put one healer, one tank and one ranged DPS. Everybody else goes on the other side. One ranged DPS from each side is in charge of hitting the meteor away from the group. These players will ping-pong all meteors back and forth in the middle of the platform, keeping it away from the players that it is chasing.

Otherwise, this is just a ‘watch yourself, burn the the boss’ phase. Once you get him to 10%, you’ve won.

How to Heal:

Phase 1
Roll LB on one of the tanks. A big issue we ran into here is that we ended up having all healers rolling on one tank, and then bursting to keep the second tank up when they switched. Communicate before hand who is rolling what on which tank and it will be easy.

For the most part, the raid will only take damage when the magma traps are popped. use WG to patch them up.
Be ready with dispell to cure those fools who get hit by waves.

First Transition
Assuming that the Sons of Flame don’t hit the hammer, there shouldn’t be significant damage going out. Popping WG when you start phase 2 should top everybody up.

Phase 2
Throw LB back on your tank of choice, as they’re going to start passing again.
When the seeds first hit, cast WG. This will cover those who are slower at running. Pop it again once grouped up. Throw a Swiftmend on somebody while stacked to help with the AoE healing. Barkskin also helps here.

Second Transition
Unlike the First Transition, make sure you keep LB rolling on your tank as they’ll be picking up the larger add.

Phase 3
From this point forward, expect to be casting WG on CD.
Group up on whatever side you’re assigned, and roll LB on the tank on your side. If running with two resto druids in your group, make sure they are on opposite sides to avoid having two 3-stack LB running and overhealing.

Assuming your hockey players are keeping the meteors in place, the only real damage going out will be tank. Throw off the occasional WG when members are slow moving out of Engulfing Flame.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Phase 1: Standing just off-center near the front (but not in the gold ring) is a pretty good place to stand, so that you have everybody within range to heal.
  • Phase 1: Make sure you’re not targeting Ragnaros when you cast WG, it won’t heal anybody.
  • First & Second Transition: Throw down mushrooms a few from the spawn point of a Son of Flame. Also, if you can, go into Tree Form. This will make you cast wrath faster and actually makes slowing one of the Sons down pretty easy.
  • First & Second Transition: Don’t bother putting a DoT on a Son of Flame, it’ll be at the hammer quicker than you tick.
  • Phase 2: Try to make sure you don’t push into the Second Transition prematurely. Getting him to around 44% before seeds drop, then pushing the remaining 4% once the adds were down worked well for us.
  • Phase 2: Switching to cat form and using Roar can help your team get good distance from the seeds when they land, and minimize the AoE they get hit by.
  • Phase 3: Don’t count down the percentage of Ragnaros over vent when he’s almost dead. One of our members did that and has us wipe at 12% (2% left to win).


    Helm of the Fiery Vanquisher (Head): Our Tier Helm token. Pretty good if you don’t need haste.
    Ko’gun, Hammer of the Firelord (Main Hand): Easily the most best thing Rag drops. Take it now!
    Sho’ravon, Greatstaff of Annihilation (Staff): Not ideal due to lack of spirit and haste, but could be worse.

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