Resto Druid VS Firelands: Majordomo Staghelm

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Today we’re taking on Ragnaro’s right hand man scorpion fire cat…the sixth boss in this Raid: Majordomo Fandral Staghelm. This former good…actually he was always a bad guy. This bad guy is now badder and on fire. He’s actually kind of cool to be honest. But I digress, let’s kill him!

We completed this fight with 1 tank, 2 healers, and 7 DPS.

Fight Mechanics:
This single phase fight, with 3 transition options.

This fight is done in transitions, shapeshifting that Majordomo does. Luckily for you, you control how and when he shifts. In a 10 man group, when 7 or more people are stacked up he will go into scorpion form. When there is less than 7 stacked, he will go into cat form.

Each time Majordomo attacks. he gets a Adrenaline buff which makes him faster. When he shapeshifts, the Adrenaline buff drops off but he gets the Fury buff making him stronger. Your goal is to keep him in each form as long as you can without dying before letting him switch since Fury remains for the entire fight.

You should start the fight stacked in Scorpion phase.

Scorpion Phase
Everybody should stack in front of him between his two pincers as he will cast Flame Scythe in this location. The damage from this will be distributed evenly among all those in range. Therefore, more people there the less damage each person takes.

Cat Phase
During this phase, Majordomo should be tanked in the middle, while ranged and healers are spread out around the outside. Ever few seconds, he will leap on a healer/ranged raid member causing a puddle which you must run out of. Doing this will also spawn an add, which should be DPS’d down. Be sure to be standing away from the center to avoid him leaping and getting close to the middle (where you stack for scorpion).

Searing Seeds
The second time Majordomo turns into a Scorpion, he will first cast Searing Seeds. This will put a debuff on all raid members with a countdown timer. Each player’s timer will be different. When the player’s timer is up, they will explode doing 60000 damage to everybody close by. Players should run out when they have 5 seconds left on their timer, then run back in ASAP. Running out sooner means that those still in there are taking more damage.

Burning Orbs
The third time Majordomo goes into Cat form, he’ll first cast Burning Orbs. This will create two orbs at random locations on the map that deal damage to the closest player. DPS should rotate who is closer to share damage (like the shard with Baleroc). Because the orbs will be random, it’s good to assign groups before hand who are ready to run to the orbs when needed. Calling out where the orbs are when they pop on vent is a good thing.
Remember the DPS doesn’t need to be beside the orb, just closer than everybody else.

How to Heal:

Scorpion Phase
This is completely a heal test. Pop WG on CD as it will be needed, and throw RJ on those it doesn’t get (especially clothies!). Communicate on vent who is popping what cooldown when to make sure that you have one when needed to survive this massive AoE damage phase. Tree form is a good idea here to save mana.

Cat Phase
A good place for healers to be are near the top of the map (where Majordomo starts) and the other side near the entrance (the bridge). This way they can cover people to the left and right when needed, and people can simply turn as the puddles are spawned. People hit by the leaps will take damage as they run out, more so later in the fight; A quick RJ and Swiftmend works really well for keeping them up until they get out of harms way.

Searing Seeds
This isn’t much different than the Scorpion Phase for healing. Using Swiftmend on people just as they get back to the group can work well if you have spec’d into Effo.

Burning Orbs
In addition to Cat Phase tips, try positioning yourself just close enough to be able to reach one of the groups taking the hits from the orb. Throw a RJ on the one taking it, then back away. When they switch, throw one on the new person taking it. You don’t want to get too close in case Staghelm decides to leap on you, which could interfere with the people on orbs.

Tips & Tricks:

  • We found 6 swipes/jumps between transitions worked well for our group.
  • If you can, back away from the middle as far as you can right before a leap to give your group more room in the middle.
  • When exiting scorpion phase, use a signal (such as a DK Anti-Magic Zone) or say something to signify that after this swipe, people will run out. This will prevent a few slower people from taking a larger hit.
  • Watch your seed. If it blows up and wipes your raid, you’re dumb.
  • Drops:

    Mantle of the Fiery Vanquisher(Shoulder): Your token for Tier Shoulders with spirit and haste. Beautiful shoulders indeed.
    Flowform Choker(Neck): Neck with Haste, Mastery and a red socket with int bonus. Easily BiS if you don’t need spirit.
    Jaws of Defeat(Trinket): Great trinket, saves mana. Once used, you save 110 mana for each spell cast within 20s (save 110 on 2nd spell, 220 om third, 330 on forth, etc). Math is long, but is a good mana-saving trinket.
    Firecat Leggings(Legs): Pretty good pants with Spirit and Haste, but Tier are much better.
    Smoldering Censer of Purity (Staff)(Boss): Great staff with spirit and haste on it. Really good for resto due to the huge amount of haste.
    Fandral’s Flamescythe(Staff): An agility staff, but worth noting since it will turn you into a flame kitty when used.


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