Resto Druid VS Firelands: Lord Rhyolith

Being the Soft little fleshy-things that we are, we’ve made it past the half-way mark of this raid. What does that mean? That our next stop is the elemental giant that is Lord Rhyolith. In case you’re lost, we have guides on how to beat Shannox, Beth’Tilac,Baleroc and Alysrazor as well. All caught up? Great, let’s get crushed under foot.

We completed this fight with 1 tank, 1 healers, and 8 DPS; but similar configurations should work just as well.

Fight Mechanics:
This is a Two phase fight.

Phase 1
Unlike most fights, you’re not actually going to tank the boss during most of it. You’ll fight Lord Rhyolith on a small circular island, having the DPS attacking his two giant feet to control which way he walks. If you DPS the right foot, he’ll turn right. If you DPS the left foot, he’ll turn left. If he makes it to the edge of the platform, he does AoE damage and kills you.

The group should remain grouped up on one spot or one person during the fight. This should be a person who is good at watching their feet and avoiding environment damage.

During this phase he’ll be walking around and stomping now and then, as well as spawning adds and volcanoes.
The adds will be either small adds (Fragment of Rhyolith) in a group of 5, or one large one (Spark of Rhyolith) that does AoE damage to anybody around it. The tank should pick up the small ones and kill them, and take the larger one away from the group.

Throughout the fight, Rhyo will spawn Volcanoes. These do nothing until activated. Once Rhyolith activates them they will start shooting fire out. DPS should steer Rhyoloth towards the active volcano to step on it. Once he steps on it, Lord Rhyolith will lose 10% of his armor and the volcano will become a crater. From these craters, a totem-like thing will pop up and it will cast Magma Flow. Magma Flow will have lines flowing out from the crator, causing fire damage and making you weak to future fire damage; so avoid the lines and watch your feet.

Once his armor falls off from walking over enough volcanoes, you’ll be pushed to phase two.

Phase 2
At this point Lord Rhyolith’s armor will have been completely removed, and will show his soft squishy inside. All volcanoes and adds will finish doing whatever it is they were doing then vanish. This will be a DPS burn phase with minor AoE damage being dealt out to the raid, increasing until death.

How to Heal:

Phase 1
Make sure you’re watching your feet, and you should be able to use WG on CD to keep everybody up. Throw RJ and SwiftMend on those who get hit by Magma Flow. Roll one or two stacks of LB on the tank when he’s taking a larger add.

Phase 2
WG on cool down, and RJ on those that don’t get it. Tree form and barkskin here for the armor to make sure you don’t die. Roll LB on your tank at this point, as Lord Rhyolith will have an aggro table.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Watch your feet. Honestly that’s all there is to it.
  • Drops:

    Heartstone of Rhyolith>(Neck): Decent neck piece if with spirit and mastery.
    Incendic Chestguard(Chest): Pretty good chest, but not quite as good as Tier due to the socket bonuses.
    Smoldering Censer of Purity (Staff)(Boss): Great staff with spirit and haste on it. Really good for resto due to the huge amount of haste.


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