Resto Druid VS Firelands: Beth’tilac

Welcome to our second installment of Resto Druid VS Firelands. If you’ve missed it, be sure to check out our guide on Shannox. Today we’re taking down the nasty looking spider that is Beth’tilac, The Red Widow.

For 10-man, we used 2 tanks, 3 healers, and 5 DPS.

Fight Mechanics:
This is a Two Phase fight.

Phase 1
Beth will spend most of her time on top of her web. You’ll need to send up a tank, a healer and a dps (optional). The rest of the group will remain on the ground. You should decide who is going up top before the fight starts. In the case of my group, we send up the Pally healer since he has better burst heals.

People on the ground will need to AoE down the adds, and keep the big adds from eating the small adds and getting life back.
After a bit of damage, Beth will cast Smoldering Devastation at which point everybody up top will jump down to avoid the damage. While there is no tank on her, She will do AoE damage to everybody on the ground (or “shit fire” as my group calls it) until the tank gets back up top.
She will do this twice, the third time coming down to start Phase 2

Phase 2
Phase two will be a burn phase. Group behind her and burn her down.

How to Heal It:

Phase 1
Top: Taunting a Cinderweb Spinner down and killing them will leave a rope for you to grab. Use it to get up top. Make sure your tank went up first. There will be some AoE damage to heal, but it’s mostly just healing your tank. Be sure to watch our for meteors falling, and the fire spots they leave. When you see her casting Smoldering Devastation jump through the hole in the middle. After she casts it, you can go back up after your tank.

Ground: Group up in the middle of the room when possible. We have our priest put a Lightwell to mark the center. The DPS and the tank are going to be running to various corners to pull adds and kill them before Beth comes down. Roll LB on the ground tank, and Rejuv on the DPS that have aggro. Wild Growth on CD most of the time as it will be needed. This shouldn’t be much of a mana-intensive phase.

When the top group comes down, yellow goop will drop from the top of the web until a tank goes back up. This can’t be avoided. This would be a good time to use Barkskin and use Wild Growth, as it’s not a lot of damage but all AoE. If you can, throw HoTs on the group going back up to help avoid them dying on the way and to make the job of the top healer easier.

Phase 2
The third time Beth comes down, you should group up behind her. Your tanks will be switching off aggro due to a debuff; Roll LB on one of them and Rejuv (and Regrowth if needed) on the other one. The group will also be taking a ton of AoE damage; Cast WG and Barkskin on CD and Tranquility if needed. Tree of Life can also be used during this phase.

Tips & Tricks

  • Put 3 stacks of Faerie Fire on Beth when you get a chance. If you’re up top, you have tons of time. If you’re ground, catch her when she comes down before the AoE burn starts.
  • If you’re on the ground, try to throw a HoT on your tank/heal/DPS that are going back up top. This will help them out a lot since they’ll be getting smashed the second they get up there.
  • This isn’t a very mana-intensive fight, feel free to help out your DPS on adds if you can spare it, especially when Beth is about to come down.
  • Drops:
    Funeral Pyre: Decent staff, but without Spirit or Haste it shouldn’t be on the top of your priority list.
    Cowl of the Clicking Menace: Our BiS helmet (even though it looks fugly). Make good use of it until you get your Tier helmet from Ragnaros.
    Cindersilk Gloves: Good gloves. May want to use as your off-set piece as the resto tier gloves are crap.
    Smoldering Censer of Purity (boss): Great staff with spirit and haste on it. Really good for resto due to the huge amount of haste.


    Hope this helped. Check us out next week for the horrid fight that is Baleroc.

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