PVS WoW: Thera-more Content Please?

I’m not going to be the first person to say it, and certainly won’t be the last, but the World of Warcraft pre-expansion content Theramore’s fall is garbage. Simple as that. I’ve seen The Burning Crusade pre-xpac content, and I’ve experienced the pre-xpac content for both Wrath and Cataclysm; All three were better. Let’s break it down a bit.

  • Firstly, it’s a scenario instead of a world event. I can understand why Blizzard did this, but don’t agree with the decision. It’s not supposed to be a dungeon, it’s something to connect the player to the World of Warcraft. It seems that we’re moving further towards Queue of Warcraft.
  • The content felt rushed and uneventful. Regardless of what faction you play, it’s mostly just clicking barrels. It lacks the epic feel that previous pre-xpac content had. I understand that the difficulty is ramped down, and will be bumped to level 90 once Mists of Pandaria launches; but the content itself is just boring.
  • There is no lore. We have one short, vague cinematic and the rest is just guessing. The Alliance side has a little bit of dialogue from Jaina (and I’m glad her looks were changed to match the book) but the rest was garbage. The Book, Tides of War, was fantastic and you can really feel the emotions that took place during the battle for Theramore. Regardless of which side you choose there is an emotional investment after reading the book. Purely from the in-game content, there is even less than you get from a dungeon. Given that a city is completely changed now, there should be more.
  • Inconsistency. Dalaran might be ‘in a different time’ but I’d like to have seen them change it to reflect the changes that came in the book once you complete the Theramore’s Fall scenario. If you’re able to run it, chances are strong you don’t need the Dalaran quests from Rhonin anymore. Where has Jaina gone? I can’t find her. And where the hell is Kalecgos?! Far too much was removed that shouldn’t have been.

I could go on into more details about problems, but we’ll leave it as is and just say Blizzard should have simply said there was no pre-xpac event. People aren’t going to want to redo this unless they absolutely need the drops; which is unlikely. I know that I subscribed this month solely to do this event because it was supposed to be awesome. I want my money back.

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