Priest VS Outlands: Leveling Guide 58 to 68

Leveling these days isn’t really hard, but can still be fairly time consuming. If you’re like me, then you want to get through the boring grind as quick as possible and get to the max level.

Today we’re going to discuss the best way to level a priest through Outlands (Level 58-68). We’ll focus on the pros and cons of questing versus running dungeons, as well as recommended spec, what gear to use and rotations you’re going to want to be using at this point in the game.

In this guide we’re going to discuss your main two options: Shadow (Pure DPS) or Holy (Heals). Though Discipline is an option, at this level gap it falls short to Holy and takes more time to progress. Which one you choose is up to you, and we’ll discuss them both in this topic. Join us after the jump for the full article.

To Do List

1) If you’re leveling professions, make sure they’re caught up to Master before venturing into Outlands. Expansion changes are the best points to catch up (and you don’t want to come back here later).
2) Get your duel spec (even if you don’t plan to use it) from your class trainer for 10g. This way you can switch if you get stuck mid-dungeon.
3) Be sure to get your Expert Riding (Flying Mounts!) when you get to level 60. This will make your leveling way, way faster.


This is where you are going to choose if you want to be the healer (Holy) or just another DPS’er (Shadow). Both are perfectly fine. I recommend taking your dual talent and trying both to see what works for you. Healing isn’t that bad at this level, assuming you have at least a decent tank. Now is the time to experiment with roles, as mistakes are tolerated less end-game.

Keep in mind the details of your spec will change between now and 85. These are just guidelines that will assist you through the harsh weather as you develop character. Also, what order your put your points in really doesn’t matter too much. Rule of thumb: You want to put point in the lowest branch on the tree when it becomes available. However, this will be your choice.

Shadow: 0/0/31 Works well with threat reduction and defense.

Holy: 6/33/2 Is a good goal for our Holy tree, as it touches on the best talent points for progress.

Shadow: Most guides will recommend this spec for leveling. If you’re questing solo, it’s fine as you can go at your own pace and take mana breaks when needed. Though you kill enemies faster, it is really hard on your mana pool. To reduce the stress of mana, be sure to pick up the Glyph of Spirit Tap. With this glyph, every time you kill an enemy with shadow Word: Death (which should be all enemies) you get 12% of your mana back.

Holy: When questing solo, Holy falls short for DPS compared to shadow. However with a PW: Shield and a few heals, killing guys is still not much of a problem, just a bit slower.

Dungeon Finder

Shadow: Queuing as a DPS at any level is likely going to get you long queue time. For Outlands dungeons, I’ve found this is roughly 15-20 minutes in most cases, sometimes extending over 30 minutes. In addition, I’ve found as an Spriest I OoM fairly quickly, and often need to stop often. Pugging, this isn’t something you want as it can lead to a premature kick.

Holy: If you choose to run dungeons, queuing as heals is the best bet. Most days, you’ll get in within 5 minutes if not immediately. In addition, it’s easy stuff and mana is rarely an issue.


Gearing while leveling is going to be the same for both of our choices. Priests use Intelligence over all else. Since most of your gear will be grown out of quickly, don’t be too picky. Take whatever has the most intelligence on it. Spirit will also be very valuable. Ideally, you’re going to want to wear as much BoA gear as possible, as they often have higher-than-level stats, and of course the nice experience bonus. which means we’re going to want to try to get:
Head: Tattered Dreadmist Mask
Shoulders: Tattered Dreadmist Mantle
Chest: Tattered Dreadmist Robe
Cloak: Ancient Bloodmoon Cloak
Weapon: Dignified Headmaster’s Charge
Trinket: Discerning Eye of the Beast

You’ll notice though that none of the BoA have spirit on them, which means that your regen is going to be less then stellar. Try your best to get as much spirit on all the other pieces as possible, even if it means losing a bit of int. If you get a piece with a lot of spirit on it, try to hold on to it until you see an upgrade with at least 4 more intelligence. Spirit is going to be especially important for Spriests, as they will likely struggle with mana issues more than Holy. Items with ‘of restoration’, ‘of the owl’, and ‘of the moon’ are great additions to your set.


  • Questing:
    1) Mind Blast over 70% mana on CD
    2) Shadow Word: Pain
    3) Devouring Plague
    4) Vampiric Touch
    6) Shadow Word: Death (under 25%)
    7) Mind Flay

  • Not recommended, but same as above.


  • Questing:
    1) Holy Fire on CD
    2) Power Word: Shield (keep up)
    3) Smite
  • Dungeons:
    1) Heal most of the time. Low mana so you can spam this often
    2) Greater Heal when needed
    3) Flash Heal on burst damage
    4) Prayer of Healing versus AoE damage.

How To Spend Your Time
The quickest way for you to get through Outlands is to Queue as Holy (Heals) and quest while waiting. If you’re experiencing long queue times, you may want to switch to Shadow for questing while you wait. However as this is not often the case, you might as well stay in Holy spec.

If you absolutely could not, would not, on a boat heal, it’s not recommended to waste your time in a dungeon. You’re welcome to queue up to break the boredom now and then, but most of your time should be spent questing and killing things as it will be quicker exp.

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