Priest VS Northrend: Leveling Guide 68 to 80

If you’re still leveling between 58 and 68, be sure to go check out Priest VS Outlands first, then come back here.

Can you smell that sweet northern air? I sure hope so because we get to spend the next 12 levels up here, and breathing will be a good thing. Today we’re going to take a look at leveling a priest from 68 to 80 in the world of Northrend, home of the Lich King.

Unlike our previous installment, we’re going to focus a little less on the spec differences, and more on how to progress in the area you’re in. Join us after the jump for the full guide.

To Do List
1) If you haven’t done so, I recommend getting Haramad’s Leg Wraps. More on why in the gear part of our guide
2) Level up all of your professions to Grand Master before leaving Outlands.
3) Sell off any remaining resources, clean out your bags of junk and food/drink. Buy some Sweetened Goat’s Milk from the Northrend Innkeeper.
4) Turn in any completed Outland quests, and abandon everything else.
5) Get Cold Weather Flying from your Flying Trainer. If you can’t afford this yet, make it your new top priority for spending gold.


Shadow: Our goal for this segment is 4/0/33 at 81. You’re going to want to end up with 3/3 in Twin Disciples and 2/3 in Mental Agility at 81. What order get there is your choice. Be sure you have Glyph of Spirit Tap. This is crucial and a huge time saver.

Holy: 4/32/0 for us this time. Like our shadow build, you’re going to have 3/3 in Twin Disciples, but we want 3/3 in Mental Agility. I’d suggest putting it into Mental Agility first if you’re having mana issues.

Questing VS Dungeons

From 68 to 70, questing is going to be your best option. At 68, you can only queue for TBC dungeons and the experience will be lower. However, you’re more then welcome to do so if you so choose. Myself, I was really getting sick of them. Questing is a nice change. You can start WoTLK dungeons at 69.

Healer will still get you quicker queue times when you run dungeons, and questing as holy isn’t too bad with Chakra: Chastice on. If you’d rather quest and just do dungeons every 25 minutes or more to break up the monotony (and look cool doing so) keep going as Shadow as it will still be significantly faster than questing as holy.


As mentioned, Haramad’s Leg Wraps are amazing pants to get. These come from the Undercutting the Competition quest in Outlands. This can be picked up outside the Mana Tombs, in Terokkar Forest. The reason for the awesomeness of these pants is their 3 red sockets combined with 3 Brilliant Cardinal Ruby (+20 intellect). Socketed, these pants end up with 71 intellect and 47 spirit. This is higher than any green or blue level items until cataclysm gear, and all you loose is some armor. Given that you shouldn’t be getting hit anyway, they’re worth it.

Intellect is still going to be your best stat, followed by spirit. You shouldn’t be having as many mana issues as your spells and gear balance out a little better then in TBC content, however spirit will still help you from having to sit and drink.
BoA gear (Head, Shoulders, Chest, Cloak, Weapon, Trinket) are still the best during this expansion as they continue to scale highly up to 80, and experience bonuses are awesome. In other slots, gear with ‘of intellect’, ‘of the owl’ or if needed ‘of spirit’ work well in your off slots.



  • 1 ) Mind Blast over 70% mana on CD
    2 ) Shadow Word: Pain
    3 ) Devouring Plague
    4 ) Vampiric Touch
    6 ) Shadow Word: Death (enemy under 25% heath) <- IMPORTANT
    7 ) Shadow Fiend
    8 ) Mind Blast
    9 ) Mind Flay


  • Attacking/Questing:
    Be in Chakra: Chastise state (click Chakra, cast Smite to switch)
    1) Holy Fire on CD
    2) Power Word: Shield (keep up)
    3) Smite
  • Healing/Dungeons:
    Be in Chakra: Serenity. If the group is taking a lot of damage (not just tank) switch to Chakra: Sanctuary.
    1) Roll Renew on the tank.
    2) Heal most of the time. Low mana cost, so you can use this often to keep people topped up.
    3) Greater Heal when needed
    4) Holy Word: Serenity/Flash Heal on burst damage
    5) Prayer of Healing versus AoE damage.

How To Spend Your Time
At levels 68 and 69, just quest. This shouldn’t take you too long to do.
From 70 on, try to be in queue or in a dungeon as much as possible. Quest during the off times. Dungeons will still be quicker, but will be repetitive quickly.
Percentage-wise: Each quest will get you around 27-28k exp (in BoA), which is about 2%. Running a dungeon will get you anywhere between 10% and 15% (again, in BoA). I’ve found a decent group can take down a dungeon in about 25 minutes on average. Quests generally take about 10 minutes a piece, averaging 5.5% exp in 25 minutes. Of course, this value can change depending how much you need to kill for collect quests and those quests that overlap. In both cases though, a dungeon will give you more exp for your time.

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