PVS Wakfu: A Water Wakfu Sadida Guide for Beginners

PVS: Water Sadi guideWakfu If you’re completely new to Wakfu, be sure to check out the Player VS Wakfu: Introductory Guide!

Today we’re looking at Water Wakfu Sadida, also going to be the HP Wakfu Sadida. Our goal today is to make a Sadi that’s great at summoning, and keeping those summons alive. Unlike Sadi in Dofus, we don’t have abnormally strong direct-damage skills. Dolls (summons) will be our primary attack skills, much like Osamondas were from Dofus.

I. Stats
II. Specialty Stats/Spells
III. Spells
VI. Summons/Dolls
V. Leveling
IV. Gearing

Wakfu Sadida have access to 3 elemental trees: Water, Air and Earth. Most of our spells in the build we’re focusing on today will be from the water tree. And though we’ll be using these spells most often, with this build you will not be putting any skill points into this element.

Today’s build is going to focus on making your summons (dolls) as strong as possible. This will mean giving them more hit points, attack points (AP) and move points (MP). Your direct damage will be minimal, however once you get up in level the dolls will do more than enough for you.

Your Dolls’ HP will be based on a percentage of your HP (depending on the doll). That said, you’re going to want to put your points into Health Points. This is going to be your primary stat. The longer you can keep your dolls alive, the longer you’ll stay alive.

Specialty Stats/Spells
First and foremost, put a point into Doll. This will reduce the AP to cast a seed from 5 AP, to 4 AP. Doing so will allow you to cast a seed, as well as turn it into a doll in one turn. It will also increase the HP of your dolls.

Next look into Sadida Savoir-Faire. Leveling this will raise your Leadership, allowing you to have more than one doll out at a time. This makes leveling A LOT easier. Level this up to 5 to allow for your 2nd doll.

Following, go back and level Doll up to at least level 5. I recommend at this point simply maxing it out, making seeds only 2 AP each.

At this point I’d suggest leveling Doll Sacrifice up to Level 7. Doing so will let you sacrifice your doll for 2 AP, and absorb 24% of that doll’s life [i](and get a WP back)[/i].

Green Guard is also a decent spell to level once the necessities are out of the way. This will raise the chance of the doll gaining the Nettled buff when they are hit, which gives them +AP, +MP, +Damage and +Lock. At max level, his is 40% and can make a big difference in their damage.

Most of the spells we’ll be using as summoning Sadi will be from the Water tree. An interesting part of this class is that each spell has two functions: One if it is cast on an enemy, and another if it cast on a summon. For convenience sake, summon abilities will be in orange.

  • Vaporize: Enemy: Single target damage. Doll: Allows the Sadi to control doll. Costs 2 AP to cast.
  • Sadida’s Tear: Enemy: Single target damage in straight line. Doll: Gives 3 MP. Costs 5 AP to cast.
  • Mudoll: Enemy: Single target damage. Doll: Steals HP from Doll, gives to Sadi. Costs 3 AP
  • Rust: Attacks in cross shape. Enemy: Does AoE damage to anybody in cross. Doll: Gives 3 AP. Costs 5 AP to cast.
  • Drain: Enemy: Drains HP from enemy and distributes it to Dolls. Costs 4 AP to cast.
  • Doll: Plants a seed, which can be turned into a Doll when hit with an elemental spell. 5 AP to cast (2 AP at max level).
  • Doll Sacrifice: The Sadi absorbs part of the doll’s remaining HP, and regains a Wakfu Point (WP). The Doll dies. 4 AP to cast (2 AP at max level)

Most of your time is going to be spent casting Doll, then turning them into The Greedy with Vaporize (due to it’s low AP cost). If you transform dolls from seeds with a buff spell (such as rust) they will sprout with the given buff. That said, position your dolls wisely. Once they’re out, Rust will be your primary spell. It does decent damage but more so gives any Dolls more AP. With The Greedy, it makes them attack a second time. If a doll is almost dead and the fight isn’t near-over, use Doll Sacrifice so that you can afford to cast another Doll.

Doll Sacrifice can also be used to heal you if you level it. At max level, you can summon a Seed, turn it into a Block (Doll with most HP), and Sacrifice it with 7 AP.

That’s about it. Use Mudoll and Vaporize to hit stuff in situations that Rust would be a waste. More or less, this means just on enemies that are almost dead anyway.
Summons / Dolls
Your Doll’s (summons) are going to be your primary offense and defense while playing with this build. Use these puppets to work how you want them to. You’ll start by planting a seed (casting Doll). Then to choose what type of doll sprouts, you hit it with an elemental ability. It doesn’t go by what spell, just what element. It also doesn’t have to be you to hit the seed, it goes by anybody (friend or enemy) that hits it first.

You have 4 possible dolls.

  • The Greedy (Water): Your damage dealer.
  • Madoll (Air): Tried to take away enemy MP, sometimes damage.
  • Block (Earth): Stands in the way and attempts to lock enemies.
  • Sacrificial Doll (Fire): Blows up in enemy faces (when it works).

Ideally, you’ll be using greedy most of the time. Cast them out, hit them with rust, let them attack. If it’s going to be a longer fight use Doll Sacrifice to get the WP back when they are almost dead, then summon another.

Block is good as it has more HP than Greedy, but does no damage. It’s mostly going to be a stall tactic.

Madoll doesn’t really serve much purpose, as the -MP isn’t guaranteed.

Sacrificial Doll is currently broken, avoid it. When it does work, it blows up and does damage to the nearby enemy.

While leveling solo, you’re going to want to get stuff that doesn’t have a ton of MP or range. You want to be able to get them into a position where you can surround them with summons, and wail on them without giving them a chance to get at you.

In some cases though, it may be better to take some hits then to let a doll die. After all, you are a pretty good meat sheild in comparison.
My suggestions:
Level 1-5: Kill Wodents like everybody.
Level 5-10 (~15): Kill PiWi and Bow Meow.
Level 15-20: Kill Gobballs.
Level 20-32: Farm Gobball Dungeon. Killing groups of 2-3 gobballs can also give decent exp. Scaraleaf are also an option.
Level 33-40: Mushd and Tsu Tsu in Cania Swamps (Bo). Toads in Holey Woods (A) are good as well.
Level 40-60: Still Cania Swamps or Toads. Can also Try Riktus or Treechnid.
Level 60-70: Sadida Kingdom & Kelba.
Level 75/80+ : Monk Island.

*Right now Wild Gobballs give really high experience, making it almost worth it to level all the way to 100 on them.

Remember to play smart, not fast. It may take you a few turns to get your dolls out and in position, but it will make the rest of the fight easier. Just because an Iop is doing a ton of damage right off the hop, don’t get intimidated; He’s also going to get hit the most and be the first to die. Leveling in pairs is also good, and don’t forget that dungeons are awesome experience too.

The most important thing for a Wakfu Sadida is to look for on items is HP. The more you have, the more your dolls have. Second to that, is leadership (which lets you get more dolls out at once). Initiative and range would be next; followed by chance or +water damage. Items with +Summon damage can be considered as well, but you won’t find much of that until higher levels.

My Suggestions:
Level 1-5: Wodent Set
Level 5-7: Blue Piwi Set (Or Adventurer set, if you can do without the HP the wisdom can help)
Level 7-15: Blue Piwi/Adventurer Set
Level 15-26: Gobball Set (for the +1 AP)
Level 26-32: Puddly Set is optional, though Gobball is still recommended.
Level 33-??: Royal Gobball Set (+Leadership, +AP)

Higher level considerations:
Whirligig Set (46): Gives range and leadership, but no AP.
Cloudy Set (49): Tons of HP, +1 MP, Crit, Wisdom and water damage; However this may be hard to get.
Starry Set (82): Water damage, MP, AP and a pretty good amount of Resist.

That’s all for our Water Wakfu Sadida. As we no longer play this class, it will be not be updated (unless we return to the game later). If you have any interest in updating this guide or writing for PVS, feel free to leave a comment below or use our contact form – We’d love to hear from you.

Have Fun!

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