PVS Wakfu: Zinit Chapter 2 Quick Guide

Ankama was generous to grace us with the next Chapter in the Ogrest/Zinit storyline. This storyline was the one leading and guiding us to fighting Ogrest himself. Up until now, most people didn’t even bother with this. But they decided to make Chapter One easier to access, and Chapter two is actually pretty fun.

In order to access the new Chapter Two area of Zinit, a player must have first completed Chapter One. To start Chapter One, Talk to Ullu in Astrub’s Center. To start Chapter Two, talk to Ullu In Truce Cave (the end point of Chapter One).

There are various checkpoints throughout this Chapter. Once you finish a checkpoint, you can pick up again here at a later date. Unlike Chapter one, your group enters as a group and syncs much better. Group up, and head on in. I wouldn’t recommend doing this with any less than two people (especially Checkpoint VI). Damage wise, the later checkpoints are designed for characters in their high 40s to early 50s. With the exception of Checkpoint VI, the rest of the chapter should be soloable by anything over level 70.

For a quick walkthrough of what to expect in the following Chapter, continue reading. Fair warning, there are spoilers.

Checkepoint I (CPI):
You start off just running through and fighting Stagular. These monsters are in their mid-20s, and hit for less than 20 damage a turn. These Stagular can be caught by Osa.
Stalamonarch (the CPI boss) is level 35 with 495 HP. deals about 38 damage a turn on two targets. He also throws rocks, summons Stagular and summons large spikes.
He has a high resist, but defeating the large spikes he summons will give him a negative resist debuff.

Checkepoint II (CPII):
You need to escort Gray XIII (a Drheller) back to it’s master. While escorting him , he will occasionally be stopped (surrounded) and attacked. You MUST kill the mob surrounding him in order to proceed. If you don’t get to the mob quick enough, you’ll fail the quest and need to start the checkpoint over. The Stagular which attack Gray are between levels 28 and 35, a little stronger than the previously fought ones in CPI. These stronger ones can also be captured by an Osa.

There will still be Stagular from CPI around that can attack you, try to avoid them. Priority lies in the ones that attack Gray.

Checkepoint III (CPIII):
Once Gray gets you to the secret entrance, you get to fight the badies in there. There will be Barry, who uses a machine gun, as well as 3 enu to defeat.
Barry is level 40 with 590 HP, and deals AoE damage between 50 and 60 when he has LoS. Spreading out here is a good idea. The three enus do very little damage, and have about 250 HP each.

Once Barry is defeated, defeat some Silth mobs to gain 10 Cystal (Quest Item) then head to the Golden door in the top right corner of the map.

Checkepoint IV (CPIV):
You’ve been caught and thrown in Jail! You need to fight through to get your gear back. While in fights, you/your summons can do no damage. Instead, you must rely completely on Gray. You can buff Gray by walking over various glyphs that appear on the ground.

Summons can heal though not do damage during these fights. Fluffy Gobbette are awesome. Also, summons can walk over glyphs to activate them. For this reason, getting a few low-level summons might be a good idea so you have more bodies to hit the glyphs. I recommend Fluffy Gobbettes because they’re awesome. I know I said that twice, but it stays.
If an enemy walks over a glyph, it can cause negative effects to Gray.

I highly recommend avoiding doing this solo, as it’s a pain in the arse. Getting locked by the enemy pretty much means game over when you’re solo.

Checkpoint V (CPV):
Fight your way through the maze of gross snakes to get to their queen. These are between levels 45 and 50, and I suggest you do the same.

Queen Schnek squirts stuff out of her…I dunno and does between 60 and 90 dmg a hit. She also summons eggs. It’s recommended you kill these eggs fast, or they will hatch into additional enemies and be harder to kill.

Once you get this fugly monarch down, you’ve finished Chapter Two. Good job!
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