PVS Wakfu: Re-Balancing Xelors in Patch 1.5 Theorycrafting

Good morning, Good morning. Last week Ankama finished up their pre-patch note releases with a few changes to our simplistic Xelors. Some elements got a buff, others got nerfed. Today we’re going to check out what was in the patch notes, and do a bit of light theorycrafting on what role Xelors will play going forward.
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  • Clock: Costs 5 AP & 1 MP (before: 6 AP). Range: 2 – 4 (before: 1 – 3). Damage level 0-100 = 5 – 55 (before: 3/6 – 35/70). Damage becomes identical on all affected cells, same for AP loss. AP Removal: Level 0-100 = 30% – 80% (before: 10% / 30% around – 30% / 90% at center).
  • Sinistro: Damage level 0-100 = 2 – 26 (before: 1 – 16). Sinistro’s HP is doubled.


  • Temporal Distortion: Damage level 0-100 = 2 – 25 (before: 1 – 19). Hyperaction: level 0 = -5 Tick/+0 Tack; lvl100 = -25 Tick/+0 Tack.
  • Xelor Punishment: Damage level 0-100 = 7 – 90 (before: 5 – 70). Hyperaction: level 0 = -10 Tick; level 100 = -40 Tick (before: -10 to -20).


  • Line of Fire: Costs 4 AP & 1 MP (before: 4 AP). Damage level 0-100 = 4 – 55 (before: 2 – 41). Initiative loss doesn’t change.
  • Temporal Burn: Damage level 1 – 12 (before: 1 – 16). -2 Init to -8 Init (before: -3 to -10). No longer triggers Rollback.
  • Hydrand: Costs 5 AP (before: 6 AP). Damage level 0-100 = 4 – 62 (before: 4 – 68)


  • Mummification: No longer gives AP and damage bonus to the controlled character. No longer costs WP. AP cost changes to 6/5/5/4/4/3/3/2/2/1. Range changes to 2/2/3/3/4/4/5/5/6/7.
  • Temporal Armor: Now gives 1 Mechanics at level 10 and 2 Mechanics at level 20.
  • Rollback: Now gives 20% chance to gain 1AP for each AP used with a maximum of +3AP/turn.

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Now there are the changes, but where are we going to go from here?
Check this pastebin for my rough estimation for damages.

Well in short: Fire is toast. Temporal Burn is going to go from being our ‘big nuke’ attack, to just being what is used with left over AP. This leaves us with Hand, or Line of Fire as our primary attacks. Temporal Dust will still have a ton of AoE damage, so can still be useful for getting off a large amount of damage across a few targets. It won’t be the big burn you’re used to though. With a 7 AP build, you can expect around 83 base damage per turn.

Air is going to be the new situational damage dealer. Most spells in this tree are relying on the Tick/Tock mechanic. The largest part to this means that if you want to make best use of your next Tock (which will be best for most spells) you need to think three turns ahead so that you can get the enemy where you want at the right time. A well played Air Xelor will be beast, but I can’t see this happening often.
The buff to Punishment is going to be the key to people going down this tree. For 5 AP, 90 base (at level 100) twice with a 10 AP build (8 + max devotion) will be a force to be reckoned with. The catch here is Punishment‘s range, since it can only be cast on the dial’s hour cells or somebody standing beside one. Unfortunately this means it an opponent can avoid going inside your dial then your prime attack is worthless. On the other hand of that though, if they do get inside the dial it means they’re going to get to blast off their best melee attacks as well. Melee isn’t the prime place for a Xelor to be in most cases. Combined with Fugit or Underhand though, a Xelor might still be able to kite a bit versus a melee player. With a 7 AP build you can expect around 96 base damage on Ticks, 102 base damage on tocks (assuming you can use Punishment).

Water is going to be the support class of the bunch, not the damage dealer. With a 7 AP build you can expect around 75 base damage per turn. Though with the lowered damage, you’re also going to have the chance at taking AP, preventing the opponent from doing their normal damage. With the right combination of specialties, water can still provide a good amount of damage while controlling the opponent. Water doesn’t have any big hitting attacks like the other elements, but with the lower AP costs we’re going to see a lot of smaller attacks; Which will add up. A Water Xelor is going to provide more of a defensive role than offensive and will work best in team play.

The Mummification and Temporal Armor changes will effect us, but aren’t game changing. Rollback on the other hand, is going to be a real adjustment for those that relied on it. Going from being able to repeat a spell, to only having 3 AP at most is going to be a big thing to work around. For Fire Xelor, this means a big bigger Temporal Burn. Air and water will get to cast one of their elements’ lower spells. The true question to this change though is how often it will give 3 AP in one turn. Truthfully for any spec, 1 AP isn’t going to be a big game changer.

Summation: Fire isn’t going to be the best spec anymore for a Xelor that wants to do damage. You’re going to want to go Air if you truly want to devote yourself to doing damage. If you still want to do some damage, but don’t want to think, go with fire. It won’t be as strong, but you won’t have to think either. Water will be the choice if you want to control the fight, or at least want to try. Now what about hybrids? Well Air/Water can be an option, but fire is still going to be solo for the best use.

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