PVS Wakfu: World Boss Revamp Impressions

Last week, shortly after the release of the 2012 Developer Roadmap, Ankama Developer Zeorus took the time to go into a little more detail about how World Bosses Revamp will work in the upcoming content release.

Currently, World Bosses (WB) will spawn between 24-72 hours per server. This is assuming that they don’t end up getting bugged and not spawning at all. These World Bosses consist of Black Crow, Moowolf and Gobbsage. Each of these bosses have the potential to drop the (currently) best gear in the game for each element. Given their rarity this would be fine were there alternative options for gear end-game, However that’s not the case. If you don’t get WB Gear, you don’t get end-game gear and must use gear that is 10 to 20 levels below the current max level.

In the upcoming content release these bosses will be renamed from World Bosses to Ultimate Bosses, and will now be instanced (instead of random timed server spawn). Zeorus gives three main reasons for this change:

  • Gives everyone a chance to challenge them.
  • Removes the ability for players to “spawn camp.”
  • Facilitate teams and guilds to strategize without being observed by competitors. In turn, this gives you the opportunity to create walkthroughs for other players of the community, or instead keep the winning strategy a secret for yourselves. This is WAKFU; the choice is up to you!

Unlike the currently released dungeons though, these aren’t going to be designed for everybody to be able to do. The goal of these Ultimate bosses is for those “hardcore PVE” players. Compared to other games, this is going to be the raid content. Players will still use keys to enter the dungeon, but the keys will need to be obtained through difficult (or series of difficult) quests. Like most raid content, each player will only get to fight each Ultimate Boss once a week.

In addition to drops, Achievements will be added to grant titles to the victor as well such as Black Crow Feather Plucker (even though that sounds dirty).

Personally, I’m really looking forward to this change. It will add a much needed group element to the end-game that has been missing for some time. Like raiding in most games, PUGs generally aren’t the best way to do it. If Ankama can give players a good reason to be a dedicated part of a regular weekly team then it will serve them well in keeping players from quitting. Heck, I know I stuck around WoW for over 3 months solely due to the dedication I had to my guild, not because I wanted to be there.

My only hope is that when this is released they get it out at a good difficulty on the first try. If it’s too hard to takes far too long to get keys, nobody will go. If it’s too easy, everybody will have the best gear and this will remain in the same category as normal dungeons. This content NEEDS to be more difficult than normal dungeons and PUGs will need to fail in doing this.

My Fingers are crossed for good results. It seems the last few weeks Ankama/SE have been putting forth some effort to clean the game up. What are you thoughts? Leave them in the comments below!

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