PVS Wakfu: Why Your Class is Getting Nerfed in 1.5

The last two days have been pretty exciting for players of Wakfu. Ankama & Square-Enix (SE) went out of their way counting their money, and decided to announce that every class in the World of Twelve is going to be changed (re-balanced) in some way with the next patch, 1.5. But now that they’re on their way every Tom, Dick and Harry has something negative to say about it. Regardless of these nay-sayers, this is a needed change. Keep reading to find out why.

Remember when you were a kid (or watched a lot of TV about kids) and the school bully would always pick on the nerd? You know you do. The bully was always bigger, stronger, and most often had lackeys Henchmen. The kid that was being picked on was always shorter, skinner, had glasses and whimpered like a girl when beaten. The bully was never a better person than the nerd, he was just better at fisticuffs. This is the current state of Wakfu classes. You’re either bigger, stronger and punch harder; or you get the crap beat out of you because you never get to show off your skill set. Wakfu isn’t the school playground though, it’s supposed to have a tactical element and we’re missing out on this.

Imagine the nerdy kid luring the bully into a giant pit of fire one day. Or how about slowing down time so he could jump around and punch him in the back of the head. Or summon a shark with a spear to eat his hand! I know I think that would be more interesting.

For this to happen, damage needs to be reduced in Wakfu so that we have time to see these other cool options to happen. With more time for everybody to get in a chance, it will prove who are the men and who are the boys (or who are the women and who are the girls, but we all know girls don’t exist online). Stop complaining about your e-peen being shrunken, and start working on stamina. Bullying up the nerd might make you feel more powerful, but outsmarting the nerd will make you more powerful. It’s not the size of the boat but the iceberg you survived.

Now quite you bitching, and go make me some pancakes. Hold the rabbit.

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