PVS Wakfu: Trool Fair Game Guide

Morning people! It’s a few weeks after the release of the Trool Fair in Wakfu, and we’ve all had a bit of time to play around with the games. In general, we find that most of the games are just games of chance. There really isn’t much else to it but guessing the correct option. Of course, this can be said for most carnivals as well.
Enough of the talking, let’s have a look at some of the games.

QuaQuack Pond
To goal of this game is simple: Pick a duck and win! Each pull costs 1 Bronze Token.
1x Quaquack

1x Charming Red Fairywork
2x Bronze Token
1x Rubber Quaquack (Decoration)
1x Quaquack Insignia

Dark Vlad’s Maze
The goal of this game is to find your way through to Dark Vlad and kick him. You have 60 seconds to do so. Most of the time, you’ll be finding a cardboard cut out. But on occasion, the real Dark Vlad will be found at the fountain. If you find the real Vlad, you’ll need to fight him.
1x Dark Vlad’s Wooden Sword (Find the fake Vlad within 20 seconds)
1x Flush Puppie (Find the fake Vlad before time runs out)
1x Dark Vlad Insignia (Kill the real Vlad)

Trool Gambling Joint (Slots)
This tent houses a number of slot machines. Each pull costs 1 kama, and gives you the chance of winning tokens which can be used in the other Trool Fair games.
1x Bronze Token
1x Silver Token
10x Silver Token
1000x Silver Token

Trool Gambling Joint (Claw Machine)
For one Bronze Token, you can try your hand at the claw machine. This is another random machine, but you always win a Stuffed Toy.
1x Kralove Stuffed Toy (Decoration)
1x Black Quaquak Stuffed Toy (Decoration)
1x Giadiatroll Stuffed Toy (Decoration)

Trool Gambling Joint (Machines)
Also in the Gambling tent are machines to cash in your Bronze Tokens for various items. Such things are consumables, gear, seeds, keys and fairyworks.

Rock Paper Scissors
The object of this game is to win at rock-paper-scissors; Rock beats Scissors, Paper beats Rock, Scissors beats Paper. It’s a complete game of chance, opponents will pick randomly. The final fight (5th round), you’ll face a cheating Ecaflip. Try using the real rock-paper-scissors emotes to throw him off.
1x Be indecisive (Emote): Rolls a dice, 1-6
1x Balloon

Gold Rush
The object of this game is to pick a golden mining node, and hope you get a good item. This game has a very high chance of getting Bronze Tokens. Another game of complete chance.
1x Bum Sack
1x Balloon
1x Bronze Token
2x Bronze Token
1x Bum Breastplate

Enutrof Game
You’re given 60 seconds and a shovel. The goal is to dig in the dirt to get as many items as possible before the time runs out.
1x Puppy Pal’s Ring
1x Charming Red Fairywork
1x Bum Cloak
1x Gagarin Amulet
1x Bum Boots

Cupe ’em All
The goal of this game is to defeat as many gobballs as possible without dying. This game is designed to be a level playing ground at any level, so you’ll use a specialized character during it. You have 3 spells to use: Love Arrow (single target), Lashing Love Arrow (AoE attack), and Beacon of Love (Plants a beacon/totem target). Shoot the gobballs, don’t die.
1x Bronze Token
2x Bronze Token
3x Bronze Token
1x Give a Kiss (Emote)
1x Love Mask

Dopple Dopple Revolution
This game is similar to Rock-Paper-Scissors, except the goal here is to pick the same dance that your Dopple is going to do.
1x Sharkie Dance (Emote)
1x Rogue Dance (Emote)
1x Liesin Dance (Emote)
1x Travalta Dance (Emote)

Gravedigger Game
Similar to the Enutrof game, but this time you have 60 seconds to dig in the grass to get as many items as possible.
1x Old Belt
1x Charming Red Fairywork
1x Tombstone (Decoration)
1x Fear Fizz

Click the cannon, hope you land in the middle.
1x Citronana Cloak
1x Extrasplosive Fairy
1x Legano

Ghostof Mansion
This tourist trap literately has stuff inside so frightful that it can kill you. You can interact with any of the creatures inside without fear of dying. However, if you want to go for the secret. you may die.
Secret Prize:
If you use the emote ‘Be Scared’ (/fear) in front of the pile of bones at the end of the hall, you’ll be attacked by Spektra. This is a level 60 Cra with 715HP. She hits for an average of 50 Dmg per turn. Beating her will give you the Spektral Insignia.

That’s it for the games. There are some other attractions throughout the park, some of which might come with a few secrets of their own; But I’ll leave that to you to find out. No sense in giving away every little detail.
Hope you enjoyed the guide, feel free to leave feedback in the comments below.

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