PVS Wakfu: Patch 1.2 Breakdown

Rogue Patch 1.2 With another new patch (and in such a short amount of time) we get a bunch of new stuff. I think the number “1.2” must be a staple in the MMO community, big things happen on this patch. Anyway, let’s have a quick run down of stuff from this patch. Full patch notes here.


  • Rogues were introduced as a new class to the World of Twelve.
  • Earth spells use guns/revolvers and have some range.
  • Fire spells focus on bombs and doing AoE to the enemy (and you if you’re too close).
  • Air spells focus mainly on melee and crit, in addition to being sneaky.

WakfuGuild System

  • GMs can now create and set specific permissions to ranks. This gives the guild a little more depth than the previous option of four.
  • Guilds can now level up and gain perks, giving them more functionality than just a list and a rank.
  • Players can give a percent of their Fighting XP and/or Crafting XP to the guild to contribute to the guild leveling.
  • When the guild levels, they get access to more perks.
  • The guild has a total level, a crafting level, and a fighting level. Total level is based off a combination of crafting and fighting.
  • Crafting level holds more value than fighting level, but I don’t have values for exactly how much. It also takes longer to level.
  • The maximum experience that a player can give for any category is 70%.
  • One of the perks is up to three guild chests. These chests can be accessed and shared by guildies given permission based on their rank. Chests can be unlocked when a guild reaches level 6, 12, and 19.
  • A new guild shop is also available. Insignias and emotes can be purchased, which level as the guild levels. Insignias: Guild Insignia & Symbole de Guilde. Emote: Guild Standard emote.
  • The Leaderboard (which shows highest level guilds) is found outside the bank. The guild chest and shop are located inside the bank.

WakfuDungeons, Locations & items

  • Three new dungeons have been added: Bow meow, Tofu and Castle. Item sets have been added as well to go along with these dungeons.
  • The castle is located on a new island for 90+ players.
  • Area Challenges now award tokens instead of specific items based on which challenge you did. With these tokens, You can use machines in the taverns to buy what you want if you get enough.
  • Ogrest Chaos event now happens twice a week in each location, instead of once.
  • Full set items can now be merged in your bag to take up only one spot (need full set to do this).


  • Free and subscribed players can group together now. Invite your friends.
  • All stats got reset.
  • Wisdom and prospecting can no longer have points put into them. They only come from gear.
  • Eni: Got a total revamp ad new spells. Go Coney!
  • Cra: Air got nerfed (thank god)
  • Xelor: Got buffed
  • Sac: Got tweaked down.
  • Sram: Got tweaked down.
  • Sadi: Got fixed. Sorta.
  • Eca: Got fixed.
  • Osa: Summons that used to summon (such as crobeak and spear shark) now don’t. Total nerf. Rats got a HP buff though…goodie.


  • There are a bunch of new higher-level recipes added to the game.
  • Baking and Chef recipes give more items per craft, making it a little more worth it to craft. Buy bread.


  • Its a thing now
  • Crush items, get stat runes, apply them towards items
  • There are two types of runes: Square and Triangle. These runs can have different stats, but only two types.
  • Items that can use them are marked with a square and/or triangle beside their name/picture.
  • It’s just new items that can use this.


That’s a quick run down of the patch info. Full notes can be found here, minus what I’ve added in for clarification. Have fun, and cya in game!

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