PVS Wakfu: Re-Balancing Osamondas in 1.5

Hello Wakfuians (Wakfuites? I don’t know!). This week is a special week for players of Wakfu, as we’re getting a ton of news coming out of Ankama that we weren’t expecting. On Monday we were given a slew of new changes that are coming for Ecaflip, Enutrof and Osamondas. In addition, we were told that ALL classes will have changes of some sort done in the next patch (1.5). That’s good news, it means game play will be shaken up a bit. And the better news? Everybody is getting a complete stat reset. Hurray! That said, we’re going to have a look at the Osa changes today. Let’s get on it.

Air Tree

  • Crobak, Scaraleaf Wing, Bwork Thump all have their damage slightly decreased.
  • Whip’s damage is being slightly decreased, and the double-damage bonus to summons is being removed. However, if you whip your summon, it will get between a +6% to a +80% elemental damage bonus (as well as all other summons on the field). In addition, the whipped summon will only take 20% of your total whip’s damage.
  • Feather Tornado has it’s damage lowered a bit, but also goes from a 5AP cost to a 4AP cast. In addition, will not harm the caster.

Fire Tree

  • Spells will no longer damage the Osa
  • All spells’ damage was reduced slightly
  • Spells have had their effects on summons increased more in general.
    • Mooing has the resistance raised to 10% – 100%, from 5% – 30%.
    • Boohowl had the damage given to summons increased to 10% – 120%, from 5% – 30%.

Earth Tree

  • Skedaddle had a slight damage incrase, and dodge bonus up to +100 (from +50).
  • Collision now Cost 2 AP & 2 MP (before 4 AP). Slight damage incrase. Bonus to Lock at max level is now +100, up from +50.
  • Savage Anger will now always give 3AP when used on a Summon. In addition, this spell no longer kills the summon at the end of it’s turn but will make it skip the following turn. Damage is increased, as well as summon damage bonus increased from +50 to +100 (at level 100).
  • Curve now Cost 4 AP (down from 6 AP). Damage is lowered, but the summon resist bonus is increased from 50% to 80%.
  • Crackler Punch’s resistance reducing effect has been increased, but damage stays the same

So what does this mean and where to go now?
Air Branch is going to be for the Dragon Osa. If you want to focus on you doing damage while in Dragon form this is going to be the tree for you. Whip, and Crobak will be your key tools here, with Feather Tornado keeping enemies at bay. You’ll be using this in addition to perhaps Savage Anger from the Earth Tree. Summons might be used at the start of the fight, but you won’t rely on them.

Fire Branch is going to be your bread and butter for the player who wants to be the summoner. You’re going to be looking at Boowolf Howl as your center piece, then likely Mooing as your side dish. Savage Anger will come into play, but only if you know you won’t need your summon the next turn (last ditch effort). Whip might be an option, but again only if you know that you’ll need that little boost. A high AP (10-12 AP) build will be the key to damage here (as it should be).

Earth Branch is a secondary tree. There is a bit of damaging spells in here, but you aren’t going to want to spec into the earth tree too farm. A summoner will be better off having your fire spells leveled for the increased bonuses there. Dragon Osas may kick the tires on some of the spells, but end-game won’t find the higher damage here.

Of course, these are just my views on the updates. I could be way off base here from what most people think. What do you think about the upcoming updates to Osa? Are you pumped, or saddened that you can’t just whip and cower in the corner anymore? Let me know in the comments!

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