PVS Wakfu: A Wakfu Introductory Guide

Wakfu Intro Guide LogoWelcome to the World of Twelve. For those of you that played Dofus, welcome back. In today’s Wakfu Intro we’re going to be taking a quick look at what Wakfu is, as well as some of the basics to get you started. I’d suggest reading all of it, and memorizing some parts; not because of my excellent writing skills but because there’s not much in-game to help you much further.

What is Wakfu?
Wakfu (game) is an open-world strategy MMO in which players take turns casting their attacks and movements to tactfully eliminate the opposing enemy. Each player can create up to 5 toons (in-game characters), but only one can be played at a time. Unlike most MMOs, there are almost no NPCs for players to interact with. Instead, this game is designed to be completely community run. Now there are some NPC around to help get players started off (such as first learning professions, or picking a faction), but that’s about as far as it goes. There are no NPC to buy or sell items, that’s all reliant on your community.

The general story around Wakfu is this: Years ago the world was great. Throughout the world there were dragon eggs called Dofus. These were very powerful. An ogre, named Ogrish, managed to collect them all and destroy the world. Then he got lonely, and cried so much that it all flooded. Eventually, some land came back and the gods helped people start over. People live and have inside them Wakfu (like Qi, or a ‘life-force’). Ogrish still sits on top of a mountain being emo. You come in a little after they started getting stuff back together.

Picking your Character
Picking your character can be tough, Wakfu is far from an exception. In the World of Twelve, there are twelve classing (go figure!).

Xelor, Cra, and Enu are usually ranged.
Osa are usually summoners.
Sac, Sram, Iop, and Eca are mostly melee.
Feca uses sheids and glyphs.
Eni are most often healers.
Panda and Sadida vary based on what you pick, but often melee.

*Keep an eye out for a class guide or two in the weeks to come*

Each character has a combination of 3 elemental spell types: Water, Fire, Air, or Earth. Which are available to you will depend which class you chose.
Water scales with Chance.
Fire scales with Intelligence.
Air scales with Agility.
Earth scales with Strength.

There are also a ton of secondary stats, which I’m going to mostly leave out for the time being. If you bring up your stats page in-game (Press P on your keyboard), you can mouse over them for details. These stats aren’t going to matter much when you are first starting out.

The ones that are relevant when starting are:
Hit Points (HP) which gives life. Some would consider this a main stat for some builds.
+Damage % which raises a % of the base damage.
+Initiative increases your likelihood to go first in a fight, and raises your bonus bar quicker.
Wisdom makes you gain more experience per fight.
+ Critical Hit gives you a chance to hit for 50% more.

What to Do?
Most of Wakfu involves simply killing stuff. If you want Experience to level, you kill stuff. Right clicking on a mob will give you the option to star the fight. The game has a good tutorial on the basic game mechanics in the starter area.
There are also dungeons, and a lot of non-combat stuff to do (as we’ll address later on). But for the most part, you kill or be killed.

Leveling your character is pretty straight forward: Kill stuff, get experience, and level. As you level, the higher level stuff you’ll need to kill. Each level you get 5 stat points and 5 specialty stat points that can be applied on your character sheet (Press the P Key).

Leveling spells isn’t too hard either. All of your elemental spells get leveled by using them. So if you are always using Blazing arrow, it’s going to level up faster than the Homing Arrow you never use. The higher level the spell is, the more damage it will do.
Class Specialty (support) spells level using the specialty points. Not all of them are available when you first start, but will become available at later levels. Leveling these aren’t always going to be 5 points, some cost more to level each one. In most cases though, if they cost more they’re usually more powerful or helpful.

When looking at spells, be sure to take note of the little ‘progression’ bar at the bottom. Using this you can see what will be available if you level this spell. Some may look great at the start, but are real duds later on.

Game play
Wakfu is a turn-based game. Moving, attacking and casting spells is based on how many Action Points (AP), Movement Points (MP) and Wakfu Points (WP) you have. Everyone stats with 6AP, 3MP, and 6WP. AP and MP reset at the beginning of each turn, WP do not so use them carefully.

When the fight stats, the map acts like a grid. 3 MP allows movement up to 3 squares. The same goes for attacks. Each attack will cost a certain number of points. When you click on a spell from your action bar a portion of the map will turn blue. Clicking on the blue square will cast the spell there. If there is an eye on the square, it means it is out of Line of Sight (LoS). Once you attack, however many AP/MP/WP were required will be deducted. Figuring out what combination of spells to cast each turn to make the most use of the points is essential.
As for what to attack: Enemies will have red circles under them, your team will always have blue.

One thing to take note of: The faster you play, the more your bonus bar (on the right) will fill up. When it gets to the top, a bonus is available (such as +3 range, +damage, etc) that lasts one turn. Bonuses are nice, so try to think about what to do before the turn starts. Take note of the surrounding border of your play area as well. Trapping your enemies or pushing them into the border can often cause them more damage or negative effects.

Mousing over an enemy will say what level it is, as well as show any other enemies that might be in that group as well. If the icon is green, chances are you can take it on. Orange means it may be more difficult, and red means you should avoid it. Keep in mind that when you attack one of them the whole related group. Don’t be caught choosing wrong in the numbers game.

A large appeal of Wakfu is the choice of monsters and their artwork. Unlike many MMO that are always thriving to make dragons bigger, Wakfu does it’s own thing and makes things fun to fight. In my opinion, killing Tofu and Gobball never really gets old. Be sure to take a minute out while playing to admire the originality, because it deserves it.

Gearing up is fairly straight forward to do: It either drops or is made by a profession. When you get an item, you open your inventory (press I) and drag it from your bag onto the slot. If you click on the item, you may see a little icon that looks like a person beside it (not the garbage) that shows it’s part of a set. Clicking on that will reveal that having a few pieces from the same set will give you bonus stats.

Starting out, you’re going to wear whatever is available to you. Higher level items are usually better. I recommend trying to get the Wodent set, then a Colored Piwi set (whatever element you are, that color), then Adventurer’s Set. After that, it breaks off depending on what element you chose to go with. Try to get something in every slot, even if it’s just for the HP when you first start; Chances are you’re going to get hit a lot.

Pets or companions in Wakfu can give you extra stats by being fed. Most pets can be fed every 8 hours in order to level up. Dying while your pet is equipped will make it lose life. If it dies, you need to res it using osamondas powder. Gemlins eat bucket ‘o water and clay. Stripped Bow Meow eat piwi beaks.

An interesting part about Wakfu is that there are four factions/clans, unlike most games that have 2. These clans are Bonta, Brakmar, Suffokia and Amakna. All clans have the same game play aspects to them, but different maps and resources available in each one. The choice of which one to pick is up to you, as you can travel to other ones (usually) if needed for resources. If playing with a friend, consider consulting with them first.

Each clan has it’s own political system, political leader, as well as their own unique design style. But as said, they are mostly the same with exception to the ecosystem.

The ecosystem, just like in real life, is a strange and often complicated thing. In Wakfu, they did do a good job at keeping it fairly simple though for those who just want the gist of it. There are 3 main groups of the ecosystem players will need to think about: Trees, Plants, and Creatures. By clicking on the first icon under the portrait in the top left, you can see vials of the current population of each, as well as orange markers that say where the governing official wants them to be at. Ideally, you want to keep this between those markers.

Trees are cut down by lumberjacks, but they can plant the cuttings to grow new trees in their place. The same goes for planting seeds with Herbalists. Trappers control the Creature population, which is possibly the hardest to keep balanced.

When something is below the desired amount and you help repopulate it, you’ll gain citizen points, these will open up political abilities as well as the clan bonuses. Politicians can also say that there is to be no killing of a certain species, or farming of certain items at all. This can result in you losing citizen points, or even becoming an outlaw with that clan. Becoming an outlaw for a certain clan can result in a yellow icon over your head, which is more or less a target. It’s not recommended unless necessary or you can defend yourself.

Yay, Politics! Everybody loves a politician right? Well Wakfu is no different, except this time the politician can be you! Each clan has it’s only political representative, that can be voted on every 2 weeks. To vote, you need at least 10 citizen points, to run it’s a little bit more. The governor chooses their party once they get in and assigns them to do certain activities (such as the weather, treasurer, guards, etc). As stated previously, they also get to control the laws of what can and can’t be done without penalty.

What is very cool about this and the different clans is that the governor gets to decide who they are and aren’t at war with. You can always attack people from another clan, that’s not an issue. But when your two clans are at war, then it’s expected. Though things are somewhat peaceful right now, I look forward to great things from some warmongers getting voted in.

What does everybody love more than politics? Why working of course! There are two main divisions of job professions in Wakfu: Crafting and Gathering. As one might have guessed, Gathering involves you picking stuff up (be it from mining it, collecting it, or pulling it off dead creatures). This is quite possibly where the most time will come in, if you need to run from node to node to collect items. However, this can also be where a large sum of kama/money comes in as well since people are lazy and loose with money. Crafting is where you make stuff, with the stuff you gathered. This can end up being a very costly profession as you get to the higher levels, but can be very rewarding if there isn’t many high level profession-masters on your server.

One thing that is pretty awesome about Wakfu that I personally haven’t seen elsewhere, is you can get every profession. This is great, which means you don’t have to choose. You can access the professions screen by pressing the J key. It’s not logical to level every single one though right away. Starting out, I recommend picking up Trapper (from the big wolf in Incarnam, and getting to level 5 before leaving) and Miner (from any Owl NPC) so you can make kama. Everything else is up to you.

Haven Bags
Haven Bags are your own little home away from home. They can be accessed by clicking on the bag icon with an arrow over it, or pressing Shift+H. Inside you’ll find a chest to store stuff, a display case to put stuff on sale, and some tools for managing your Haven Bag.

The chest can be used as a bank (of sorts) to store things you don’t need right now or often. This can be made bigger as you acquire Ikiakits.
The display case is used to sell items. When you log out, you can leave your Haven bag where ever you are, and people can click on it to purchase items from the display case while you’re away. You can expand your available items by buying/making more display cases.

Throughout your travels you’ll also collect items that can go on display within your Haven Bag; Trophies of sorts. To accomedate for this, You’ll be able to make the inside of your bag bigger using items.

Social (guilds)
Playing a MMO by yourself is kind of foolish. In Wakfu this goes double, as it’s not really an option. Given the lack of NPC, you are reliant on interaction with other players. Joining a guild is a good place to start. The easiest way to find a guild is by looking on the Wakfu Forum, or Imps Village to see if any are actively looking to recruit. Another obvious way: Ask somebody in-game that’s in a guild if they’re recruiting. At this point in the game, chances are everybody is recruiting. Asking them after doing something as a group is a good time to ask. Asking them in the middle of a fight, not so much.

That’s about it. You should be able to get some good footing for Wakfu with the in-game tutorials at the start, and this guide. If not, be sure to check out the forums listed about as they can help a lot. Some last minute tips:

  • Try a few classes, you have 5 slots to do so. You’re not forced to go with the first one you pick.
  • Don’t get upset if you’re not doing as much damage as some other classes. Different classes scale differently, and have different advantages. You might not do the most damage, but maybe you never get hit either.
  • Don’t try playing two elements. Try them out, but when you get serious in leveling a hybrid just doesn’t seem like it would work.
  • The Wikia or can be helpful as well if you don’t know what something is.
  • Talk to people in game, or better yet level with a buddy. This game will really suck if you play it solo.
  • Be part of the community. The more you get into the community, the better the game will be. I guarantee you that.

Have fun, and cya in-game!

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