PVS Wakfu: A Wakfu Guide for Dofus Players

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Welcome back to the World of Twelve Dofus players! You might notice a few changes in your absense. For starters, the world kind of drowned and survives on islands now. Oh, and you’re completely on your own. The Gods and most NPC have forsaken you. Have fun!

But seriously, there have been a lot of changes and overall game evolution since Dofus days. Below you’ll find a list of a few of the noticeable differences, to help you from making assumptions and going down the wrong path. Fair warning: It is sloppy, but hopefully it can help you at least a little bit. There are a lot of changes to the game compared to Dofus, not just the name. This is just a short list to get you started.

Nations and Politics

  1. First off, there are no ‘neutral’ players. Each player must choose a nation before they can leave Astrub.
  2. There are four nations: Bonta, Brakmar, Sufokia, and Amakna.
  3. Once you choose a nation, you’re stuck with it. Choose wisely.
  4. Though you will not be able to change your nation, you can travel to allied nations via Canoon or Zaap.
  5. Nations can be allied, or at war with each other.
  6. Decisions of when a nation is and isn’t at war (among other laws) are made by the Governor.
  7. Wakfu has politics to elect a Governor for each nation.
  8. The Governor also chooses a cabinet to help them manage the nation.
  9. An election is held every two (2) weeks.
  10. Any citizen with over 100 Citizen Points (CP) can vote.
  11. Anybody with over 1000 CP and pays 100 kama can run for Governor.
  12. CP are earned when you contribute to the economy, or kill an enemy/outlaw.
  13. Disgrace points (DP) are earned if you do the opposite. These take from CP if you have any.
  14. Having good standing with the Clan Member in the area you are in can give bonuses.


  1. Many stats that have multiple functions on Dofus now each have their own stat.
  2. Intelligence, Strength, Chance, and Agility now give +damage and +resist for their connected element.
  3. Intelligence now longer effects healing.
  4. Chance no longer effects prospecting.
  5. Agility no longer effects crit, dodge, or lock
  6. Wisdom no longer effects AP or MP drain effects. It only increases experience gained.
  7. New Stat: Dodge. This will determine if you are able to move away when in close combat with an enemy. Countered by lock.
  8. New Stat: Lock. Increases your ability to keep an enemy locked in close combat. Countered by Dodge.
  9. New Stat: Kit Skill. Allows you to wear gear higher than your current level.
  10. New Stat: Willpower. Increases your ability to apply/resist AP/MP loss.
  11. New Stat: Perception. Increases chance of remaining invisible, or seeing invisible players.
  12. New Stat: Block. Increases your chance to parry, decreasing damage taken.


  1. Each class has access to 3 elemental spell classes.
  2. Spells level by being used.
  3. There are 5 spells for each element.
  4. To unlock spells in the element, level a spell in that class you all ready have (ie: Use an air spell to unlock other air spells).
  5. Each class has specialty spells in addition to elements.
  6. You have 5 active and 5 passive specialty spells.
  7. As you level, you get points to put into specialty to level them up. They do not level by being used.
  8. Not all spells are ‘on’ when you get them. Some need to have at least 1 level into them to activate.


  • Once you hit level 15, you are flagged for PVP. You can not ‘turn it off’.
  • Bags are not measured in Pods, but only how many slots you have available. Multiples of the same item are counted as one slot.
  • There are no banks, but you have haven bag (personal home) with a chest in it.
  • There are no merchant NPC. You sell items by going into merchant mode when you log off, on the market, or you ditch it.
  • Leveling solo is harder. Grouping is recommended.
  • Forget everything you thought you knew about any classes and how to play them.

That’s all I have off the top of my head. This should help you get started. Anything else really wouldn’t be so much differences, as an actual guide for content of Wakfu. If you have any questions or if I missed something let me know in the comments.

Have fun in the New World!

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