PVS Wakfu: Air Xelor Guide for 1.5

PVS Wakfu: Air Xelor Guide for 1.5Wakfu If you’re completely new to Wakfu, be sure to check out the PVS Wakfu: Introductory Guide!

Welcome to our Air Xelor Guide, updated for Patch 1.5. In this guide, we’re going to focus on a build based around Air spells, and doing as much damage as possible. If you were previously a Fire Xelors, this will likely be the best build for you compared to the ‘temp burn build’ that you may have had previously. We won’t always be using a lot of spells each turn, but when we do they will be impact full. We’ll also use a few Water spells here and there.

Content(Last Updated: August 11th, 2012)
I. Stats
II. Specialty Stats/Spells
III. Spells
VI. Leveling
V. Gearing

Xelor have 3 elemental stats: Water, Air, and Fire.

Playing and Air Xelor means that your main concern will be doing damage to enemies. To do that we need to manipulate them to where we want them, and make sure that we have enough attack points to deal with them when we do. That said, our first 150 stat points (30 levels) are going to be put in purchasing an Attack Point (AP). This will put us at a 7 AP base, allowing us to easily get 8 AP with gear to assist us in dual Punishments (more later).

Once we have our AP, we’re going to need to get a little bit more range. Air spells are pretty good as far as the default range goes, but it could always be better. Plus considering that most people will learn pretty quickly to stay away from your Dial; This will help. Use your next 80 points (16 levels) to buy +1 Range.

From this point forward, you’ll put the rest of your points into Critical Hit (Crit). This means you’ll get up to 19 Crit (57 levels). Crit will improve your chances of the spell/attack being a critical hit and thus improving the damage. This also increases the chance percentage of taking AP when casting a water spell.

These choices will take you up to level 103. With the remaining points, you can put it into Agility (for damage). If you plan on doing PVP Block or HP could also be an option, but it will be personal choice.

Specialty Stats/Spells

The absolute most important thing for an Air Xelor is Xelors’ Dial. Regardless of what build you go with, you want to get this up to max level early on. Many of your top spells for an Air build will require Dial, so I suggest getting it to leveled to max first and foremost.

After Dial, put a point into Temporal Waves. This will activate your Tick and Tock mechanic. These work as passive buffs to your character, and rotate between each other every turn. Depending on which one is active, your spells will also have extra/different effects. This mechanic is a key element to and Air build, and will need to be paid attention to at all times. At the beginning of a match, it will always start on Tick.
On a Tick turn, you’ll take more initiative from an enemy (when casting a fire spell that does so).
On a Tock turn, you gain more chance of taking AP from an enemy. At level 1 this is 5%, and an impressive 24% at max level.
This Specialty also gives a % to remove an additional AP every time you take an AP from an enemy (2 for the price of 1). If you plan on using water spells, it’s can be a good option to max later on.

Next put one point into Master of Time. This will give you 1% more chance of taking AP, but more importantly give you an easy +10 Initiative to help you go first in a match.

Rollback will be our next specialty spell to level. Rollback is pretty simple: At max level you have 20% chance of getting any AP from your last spell back. So if you cast Punishment (5AP cost) then you get 5AP back. It’s a good specialty to level, so we’re going to bring it to the maximum level (20) before going to our next option.

Unlike many other builds where it’s optional, as an Air Xelor we’re going to be maxing Devotion to level 9 will give 2 AP, versus 1 AP un-leveled. The reason this spell is importation to Air Xelor is due to Punishment being 5 AP. With our 1 AP from stats and 1 AP from gear plus these 2 AP, we’ll be at a total of 10 AP in a single turn. Punishment is 5 AP each and does massive damage; Being able to use it twice will be devastating on even the strongest of opponents. Since Punishment will be one of our staple spells, this is a must have. If you’re going for a PVP-based build, You’ll need to be careful with your Devotion though. It can be expected that team fights will outlast 2 of your dials, if not 3. You’re going to want to make sure you have the WP to keep dials out, instead of wasting it on one turn giving a bit more AP. Devotion should really only be used for the 2nd Punishment when it’s a guaranteed thing.

By the time you reach this point, you should have:
Max level Dial
Max level Rollback
Max level Devotion
One point in Temporal Waves
One point in Master of Time

When we get here, we have to start thinking about what we want to do. We have options, but they’re not quite as straight forward as the previous choices.

We can max out Temporal Waves, which will give us a 24% higher chance to take AP (on tock) with water spells as well as take additional AP when doing so. We could also max out Master of Time, which would give us a permanent 20% higher chance to take AP, as well as 48 Initiative. Both are good choice, but if I had to choose only one I’d suggest Master of Time.

The next choice should come down to either Time Theft or Temporal Armor.
With Time Theft at level 20, this spell gives you a 20% to keep the AP that you took from the enemy. This means on an average turn of using only water spells you may get lucky and take 4 AP from them, you could just as well gain 4 AP as well.

With Temporal Armor at level 20, you get +10% damage for each AP removal for the remainder of your turn. In addition, if you take damage you have a 20% chance of gaining an AP for free. The prime focus of this spell is the damage, not the AP gain. Since we’re playing this spec to be a damage dealer this could prove viable. If you want to focus more on taking the most AP out of the enemy, Time Theft may be a better option.

Timekeeper is an option for this build, buff will be dependent on your gameplay style. At level 9, you get to store AP on the dial for the next turn at a cost of 1 AP, to store 1 AP. This spell usually only plays a role if you have absolutely nothing else you can do that turn, which isn’t as often as you might think. However, it can have it’s use to prepare for a big hitting turn. Having a normal 8 AP for a turn, you could store 2 of them for the following turn for 10 AP: Two punishment. This could be a good strategy to avoid having to use Devotion, and would also be a more renewable energy instead of burning WP.

As an Air Xelor, it can be assumed a large chunk of our spells will be from the Air tree. The only secondary tree we’ll be looking at will be Water, which will only be used on Tock turns (if ever).

  • Underhand (Air): 4-55 dmg. On Tick, moves the Xelor back 1 cell. On Tock, moves the targeted enemy back 1 cell. 4 cost. 1 Range.
  • Aging (Air): 1-16 dmg, plus places a debuff on the target for additional damage based on Tick/Tock mechanic. On Tick turns, targets effected by Aging will lose HP based on initiative loss (fire) spells. On Tock turns, targets effected by Aging will lose HP based on AP loss spells. 1 AP, 1 MP cost. 1-4+ Range. Once use per target.
  • Temporal Distortion (Air): 2-25 dmg. On Ticks, will take away some Hyperaction buff from target. On Tock, will not. 2 AP cost. 2-5+ Range.
  • Tempus Fugit (Air): On Ticks, will do damage (2-29) then jump to the targeted cell. On Tock, will jump to the targeted cell then do damage (4-45). 3 AP & 1 MP cost. 2 Range.
  • Xelor Punishment (Air): 7-90 dmg. On Ticks, will take away some Hyperaction buff from target. On Tock, will do additional damage. 5 AP cost. 0-63 range. Only castable on Hour cell, or target beside hour cell.
  • Frostbite (Water): 3-35 dmg. Chance to take AP from target. 3 AP cost. 1-4+ Range.
  • Slow Down (Water): 1-8 Water dmg. Chance to take AP from target. 1 AP cost. 2-4+ Range. One use per target.
  • Xelor’s Sandglass (Water): 2-21 dmg. Chance to take AP from target. If AP is taken, will be given to ally (can not give to self). 2 AP cost. 2-5+ Range, linear.
  • Clock (Water): 5-55 dmg. Chance to take AP from target. 5 AP & 1 MP cost. 2-4+ Range. AoE splash of 1.
  • Sinistro (Water): 2-26 dmg. Summons a mechanical assistant. Chance to take AP from target. 4 AP cost. 1-6+ Range.
  • Xelor’s Dial: Places a Dial in front of the Xelor, and creates a surrounding clock interface. The Xelor can teleport to any time/spot on the clock face using MP while the Dial is in place. While the Xelor is on the Dial, they will get +DMG%, +Initiative loss (target), and +Chance to remove AP. If the Xelor is not on the Dial at the beginning of their turn, the Dial will break. When the dial breaks, the Xelor has a chance to get some of the WP cost back (depending on Dial level). 2 WP cost. 1 Range.
  • Devotion: Gives the Xelor and nearby allies AP and Initiative for one turn. 1 WP cost. 0 Range.
  • Timekeeper: Allows the Xelor to store AP on the dial, and get it back next turn. 3-1 WP cost per AP stored. 0 Range.

An Air Xelor’s main concern is doing damage. Lots of it. In most fights you’re going to start by getting your Dial out there, but be sure to get into a good spot first. There is no point pulling your dial out if nobody is around to see it.

You’re going to have two options of how to play your turns, depending on how much variety you want to have in your play style. Option A is just pure Air all the time, Tick or Tock. Option B is Air on Tick, Water on Tock.

Option A: Tock.
Do the same as the Tick described below.

Option B: Tock.
If you choose to go this route, the Tock turn will be the turn that you try to take AP and do some damage. You’ll lead by casting Aging on the target, then hitting them with Water spells. For each AP taken from the target with Aging on them, they’ll get Air damage. At level 100 Aging will do 16 dmg + 12 base dmg for each AP taken. In theory, this means Water spell dmg + 12 Air dmg per attack. When attacking on Tock, you’ll be using Xelor’s Sandglass and/or Slow Down when possible.

You choice for the two Tock options, and thus what spells to level, will depend on if you want to play a secondary role of taking AP from the target. This can be fun, but not as effective for the role you’re signed up for. If you’re wearing Air damage gear (which is unlikely to have much/any +water dmg), the 12 Air + water spell will not be more damage than if you used an Air spell on this turn. The only exchange is that you’ll be taking AP. I’d suggest taking Option A if you’re looking to do the most damage.

For each Water spell you cast (and try to take away AP from the target, successful or not) the enemy will get +20 levels of Hyperaction. Each level of Hyperaction gives +1% resist to you taking AP/MP from them. This means if you hit them with four XSG, they’re get +80 AP/MP resist (4 x 20%). This effect does have a natural degradation, but only 10% per turn. As an Air Xelor, you won’t have to worry about this too often, especially if you chose Option A.

Option A or B:
On Tick turns you’re going to being focusing on doing the most damage possible, regardless of which option you chose. This means if the enemy is in the right position (and you can do so without killing a teammate) get off as many Xelor Punishment as possible. This is huge damage and is your best spell to do so.
Your secondary spell you’re going to want to use on these turns is Temporal Distortion. It has good range and easy line of sight. Combine this spell with a Punishment and you can do some pretty nice damage.
In addition, both Xelor Punishment and Temporal Distortion will remove levels of Hyperaction from an enemy if they have it. For those that chose Option B, if you added 80% on your Tock turn, you can remove the buff with as little as 4 Distortions; making it easier next time to take more AP from them. These spell can’t add a debuff to the enemy, but will take away any of the buff you added.

Underhand is also going to be spell you might find yourself using frequently to position enemies, or to get away. On Tick turns, this will move you away from the enemy. On Tock turns, it will push the enemy away from you.

The biggest hurdles are going to be:

  • Dial Placement: Making sure you get the dial in the best spot to allow you the most mobility and accessibility to the mobs, without leaving yourself open. This is going to be a constant battle, especially in group fights when you don’t want to get in everybody’s way. Remember as well to try standing on the brightest of your hour cells to attack when possible. Doing so will give you +75% damage instead of +50% that the other hour cells give you.
  • Kiting: Bringing your target into your dial for Punishment and making them chase you, without getting yourself killed.

Once you get a good handle on those, you should be pretty well off.
Leveling shouldn’t be that hard for you; Once an enemy gets close, nuke them. The trick will be the numbers game, and not to take on too many enemies at once by yourself since most of your spells are single target. As always, I’d recommend finding a good leveling buddy and it will make the climb a lot easier. Joining a guild for this is a good idea.

My suggestions:
Level 1-5: Kill Wodents like everybody.
Level 5-10 (~15): Kill Piwi and Bow Meow.
Level 15-20: Kill Gobballs.
Level 20-32: Farm Gobball Dungeon. Lots. Groups of Scareleaf and Bellaphones (Br) are also quick XP.
Level 33-40: Mushd and Tsu Tsu in Cania Swamps (Bo), Toads in Holey Woods (A), or Bellaphones are still good at this point if you can kill them quick enough.
Level 40-60: Toads are still good if you can hide behind your dial well. Cracklers (A) or Treechnid (Bo) are also pretty good XP.
Level 60-70: Boowolves in Sadida Kingdom are always fun to kill. If you have a partner, Cros on Kelba may be an option too.
Level 70-80: Stick with Cros on Kelba.
Level 75-90: Monk Island or Wereboowolf (Sadida Kingdom).
Level 91+ : Forfut Island.

Wild Gobballs are also pretty good XP if you can kill them quick enough, or get leeched. They may be worth trying once you hit level 35 and up.

Fighting is a group often a better option for experience. Group up, level quickly. Dungeons are also pretty good for experience, and keys are pretty easy to come by at lower levels. Farm them until your eyes bleed. Consider as well how quickly you can kill mobs. If you can clear 3 lower level mobs in the time it would take you to clear 1 higher one, the lower ones might give you more EPH (experience per hour). Always try to do challenges for the scrolls when they drop as well, easy XP.

When looking for gear, being able to have that 8 AP once you have your Devotion maxed is going to be key. This 8 AP could come from a satisfaction ring or another single item, but you’re likely going to find the best way is from set bonuses. Until Devotion is maxed though and you can get to 10 AP easily, you’re just going to be looking for gear with Agility/Air Damage, and HP if you need it.

Level 1-5: Wodent Set
Level 6-14: Any PiWi sets, or items with HP to keep you alive.
Level 15: Gobball Set (for the AP)
Level 26: Blibli Set
Level 33: Royal Goball Set (For the AP)
Level 35: Royal Tofu Set (For the damage)
Level 42: Royal Blibli Set
Level 49: Cloudy Set or Royal Kokoko Set
Level 57: Riktus Elite Epaulettes
Level 66: Noke’s Set
Level 74: Crobak Dagger (Good offhand if you went with a one-handed maka weapon)
Level 77: Crobak Set
Level 81: Osamodas’s Hammer
Level 86: Nun Set (Aside from UB sets this will be your end-game goal right now; AP + dmg)
Level 102: Black Crow Set
Level 105: Black Crow’s Sword

Keep in mind these sets are all subjective to how you play. The 8th AP is incredibly important, but there ‘Is always more than one way to skin a cat’, as the saying goes. Aside from that, what stats you prioritize are up to you. I put damage next, but Crit may work better for you; just be personal choice. Keep in mind these gear suggestions are just guidelines to help you get going.

It may also be worth it to pick up a Maka weapon at your earliest convenience, as they are currently the best weapon at level 100 (especially at level 100, where it could count for that 8th AP). If you don’t go for a maka weapon, just get one with the most +air damage possible.

Keeping items with Wisdom on them (such as the Prespic Set) for an extended period of time past it’s recommended level can also be an option while leveling due to its high amount of wisdom, however your damage will suffer.

That’s it for our guide! If anything big changes, I’ll do my best to update the guide as needed. Feedback and suggestions are also highly appreciated.

Thanks for reading, and have fun!

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