PVS Wakfu: An Air-Summoner Wakfu Osa Guide

PVS: Osa GuideWakfu If you’re completely new to Wakfu, be sure to check out the Player VS Wakfu: Introductory Guide!

I choose you, Tofu! No really, the entire Wakfu Osa entire class is set up to be a Pokemon master with whips. Personally I love Pokemon so I’m cool with this. You level up, catch new creatures, and use them to battle. Unlike Pokemon though, if your pet dies he’s a goner and you need to catch a new one. If this is your cup of tea, keep on reading. If you’re more into a classical summoning roll (like the Osa in Dofus) perhaps you should try a Sadida?

Content(Last Updated: June 21st, 2012)
I. Stats
II. Specialty Stats/Spells
III. Spells
VI. Summons
V. Leveling
IV. Gearing

Osamondas have 3 elemental stats: Air, Fire and Earth.

Most of a Wakfu Osa’s spells that we’re going to be using are in the Air tree. By most spells, I mean Whip. Anything else is just whatever you have AP for and what LoS you have. One of the biggest weaknesses of an Osa is the fact that the summons come out with a percentage of the maximum HP. This makes them easier to kill than they are in the wild. That said, it’s going to end up being our job (at least at earlier levels) to take a few hits to keep them alive.

Our first goal with our stat points is to get 1 Action Point (150 stat points). This means levels 1-31 you won’t be distributing any stat points. The second target is then to be putting points into Range. If you want to mix it up, start putting points into Critical Hit. This will delay when you get your AP/Range though. Always keep in mind that getting the 150 for the AP as soon as possible will make you more effective in battle. Once you get your +1 AP and your +1 Range, we’re going to put the remaining points into leveling Critical Hit.

Alternatively, once you get your AP and Range, you could decide to put points into agility instead. Though this will raise your Air spell damage and give you Air resistance, your damage output will be higher with a crit build.

Another good stat for us (though we won’t spec into it) is Initiative. If we can flood an enemy with an army of summons before they can get to use, it will give us a fighting chance. In PVP especially, this can be vital.

Leadership is also important. For each +1 Leadership you have, you can summon an additional creature (within your level limit).

Specialty Stats/Spells
First and foremost, level Gobgob to level 2 so that you can get an extra monster storage space. We’ll be leveling it up more later, but for now this will suffice.

Next step is getting animal blessing to level 5, this gives you +1 leadership. Having a second summon out simply makes everything a lot easier.

Our last predetermined step is going to be leveling Gobup to at least 3.

Once we’ve got those done we get to choose which we max out next: Gobgob or Gobup. Given the small selection of monsters that are worth picking out as summons, I suggest maxing Gobup next to make what summons you do have stronger.

By level 39, you should be looking at the following skills:
Level 8 Gobgob: For the lower AP cost, added slot and range.
Max Gobup: For the Higher summon health and summoning range.
Level 5 Animal Blessing: For the +1 Leadership.

The next thing we have to level will be an option: Prespic Hair (To reflect damage) or Possession (Letting you take control of your summon). This will depend on who you ask.

Choosing to level Prespic hair means that 20% (at max level) of the damage an enemy hits your summon for will be reflected back at this. As the hits from enemies get larger, so do the reflects. This is in turn free damage.

Possession on the other hand gives you complete control over your summon and it’s actions. The usefulness of this is that you can make sure a summon casts a specific spell at the right time (such as the AoE attack) when they might not due to dumb AI. However, once this is cast it ends the Osa’s turn. Once you get into the 40s and especially at higher levels, Possession will become a necessity.

I recommend maxing out Possession first, then Prespic Hair. Though as long as you eventually max both you’ll be fine.

Though some of the other abilities seem like they could be viable, most are situational or rely on summon AI (Intelligence). Since summons are generally dumb, this is a huge liability.
Most of the spells we’re going to be using in this build will be Air or Specialty. Mainly Whip, with the others as simply uses for your extra AP. Below will be your most commonly used spells.

  • Crobak (Air): Minor damage, no LoS. Costs 3 AP.
  • Scaraleaf Wing (Air): Minor damage, no LoS. Costs 2 MP.
  • Whip (Air): Minor damage and +10% damage on your next air attack. Also causes summons to do +100% Damage (you do not need to whip the summons). Costs 4 AP.
  • Bwork Trump (Air): Minor damage, Linear, makes victim face Osa. Costs 2 AP.
  • Feather Tornado (Air): Decent AoE damage. Costs 5 AP.
  • Croak (Fire): Damages enemy. If cast on summon, transfers any of the Osa’s remaining MP to the summon. Costs 5 AP.
  • Crackler Punch (Earth): Does a large area AoE attack for a good amount of damage. Costs 5 AP.
  • Gobgob: When cast on an enemy, marks them to be captures on death. When cast on the map, it will summon Gobgob. Costs 6 AP & 2 WP (2 AP @ max level).
  • Gobup: Summons are creature you have captured from within Gobgob. Costs 3 AP & 1 WP.
  • Symbiosa: Merges the Osa with Gobgob to become a dragon. Gives Osa +Damage %, +Resist, +Range, +AP, +MP, +Init, +Crit, +Lock, +Dodge @ Max level. Costs 6 AP (3 AP @ Max level).
  • Possession: Allows the Osa to take control of the summon currently on the field. Ends the Osa’s turn. Costs 6 AP (2 AP @ Max level)

For the most part, you’re not going to end up using most of your spells. Your primary spells are going to be Gobup, whip and Scaraleaf Wing. A standard fight would have you summon a creature (Gobup) then use whip to give the +damage to the summon. If you don’t need to move, use Scaraleaf Wing. Following turns, use whip twice and Scaraleaf Wing. If you’re out of range or don’t have LoS, use Crobak. If you have extra AP on a turn and have linear LoS, Bwork isn’t that bad of an attack as a filler.

If you want to catch a creature, cast Gobgob on it before it dies. I recommend being cautious when you do this if it’s a close fight. Once Gobgob is on the field (as a summon or to capture), you can’t pull out any more summons until he’s off the field again. If Gobgob dies while he’s a summon, you can’t summon anymore that fight. When Gobgob is out of the field as a summon, he can also eat any previously summoned creatures. Doing so will make him stronger, and save the creature from dying.

Symbiosa will be another situational attack. With this you merge with the Gobgob on the field, taking dragon form. However, you can’t have any other summons on the field when you do this. Merging will give you additional stats for your own attacks. If you have your Gobgob eat some of your summons before merging, you gain more stats. This spell is really only good for this build if you are out of Wakfu Points (or summons) and need to make that last ditch-effort to kill the enemy or you’re going to die. Otherwise, don’t bother with this spell unless you just want to change into a cool looking dragon.
Wakfu Osas are Pokemasters, not summoners. Our class works in the following method:

To Get a Summon: Cast GobGob on the enemy monster (a ‘ghostly’ Gobgob will appear over it’s head). Kill the monster and Gobgob will eat it. You now have the summon.

To Summon a Summon: Cast Gobup or click on the summon icon from within the Gobgop action bar, then click the map.

Keep in mind if you want to summon something AND be able to catch something in the same fight, the summon needs to be out before the Gobgob is summoned. Once the Gobgob is on the field, no more summons can come out.


When you are picking what summons to call out, remember that their combined level can not exceed your own. For example: If you are level 20 you can summon one level 20 creature, or two level 10 creatures, or four level 5 creatures (assuming you have enough leadership). Remember this when you’re coming up with your combos.

Summons do not level. Whatever level you catch them at is what level they will remain at. If you want to gt a summon at a higher level, you need to catch it at that level. Creatures that can be captured will have a paw print to the right of their name when you mouse-over the mob out of battle.

Below are my suggestions and a compilation of optional summons. Letters in brackets are where they can be caught (Br=Brakmar, Bo=Bonta, A=Amakna, S=Sufokia). If it’s not marked, it can be in any nation. Those in blue font are my personal favorites for each bracket.

Level 1-5: Wodent
Level 5-9: Piwi, Bow Meow, Zinit Cap’n Crablock
Level 10: Skeleton Rat , Gobball
Level 15: Rat, Gobbette, Tofune
Level 20: Gobball Warchief, Scarafly, Tofurby
Level 25: Demonic Rose
Level 30: Sourpuss Toad (A), Little Mushd (Bo), Scaralady (Br)
Level 35: Reinette (A), Chafer Lancer (Br), Agressive Blibli (Bo),
Level 40: Oafish Toad (A), Rokoko (S), Crackrocks (A),
Level 45: Crackler (A), Hammer Shark (S), Stalagawk
Level 50: Spear Shark (S), Ancestral Crackler (A), Stalaguar
Level 62: Milliboowolf
Level 69: Crobak
Level 74: Blimprat
Level 75: Crobak Chief

For the full list of possible summons you can get check out PVS Wakfu: A Summons Guide!
If you’re soloing stuff, try to kill it quickly and get as many hits in as you can each turn. Since we’ll have the HP to take a few hits, don’t be afraid to get in there while still playing smart. Remember you need to kill the enemy before it kills your summon in most fights.

My suggestions:
Level 1-5: Kill Wodents like everybody.
Level 5-10 (~15): Kill PiWi and Bow Meow.
Level 15-20: Kill Gobballs.
Level 20-32: Farm Gobball Dungeon. Killing groups of 2-3 gobballs can also give decent exp. Scaraleaf are also an option.
Level 33-40: Mushd and Tsu Tsu in Cania Swamps (Bo). Toads in Holey Woods (A) are good as well.
Level 40-60: Still Cania Swamps or Toads. Can also Try Riktus or Treechnid.
Level 60-70: Sadida Kingdom & Kelba.
Level 75/80+ : Monk Island.

*Right now Wild Gobballs give really high experience, making it almost worth it to level all the way to 100 on them.

Fighting is a group is always a better option for experience. Group up, level quickly. Dungeons are also pretty good for experience, and keys are pretty easy to come by at lower levels. Farm them until your eyes bleed. Consider as well how quickly you can kill mobs. If you can clear 3 lower level mobs in the time it would take you to clear 1 higher one, the lower ones might give you more eph (experience per hour). Always try to do challenges for the scrolls when they drop as well, easy xp.

Since we’re not the damage dealers in our Wakfu Osa-Summon relationship, elemental stats and +damage that makes us stronger isn’t one of our priorities (though they can certainly help). We should have enough leadership from Animal Blessing. If you want to get 3 out, pick up an item with +1 Leadership. For the most part though, what we’re going to focus on is getting items with +AP, and +HP. I’ve found that 8 AP is the best number right now (Two whips), which means you need to get either a +AP amulet, ring, goultard or from a set bonus. I’ve taken that into consideration for the higher level recommendations.

Level 1-5: Wodent Set
Level 6-14: Any PiWi sets, or items with HP to keep you alive.
Level 15: Gobball Set (for the AP)
Level 33: Royal Goball Set (For the AP & Leadership), Royal Gobball Hammer
Level 42:Royal Blibli Set
Level 49:Cloudy Set or Royal Kokoko Set
Level 66:Noke’s Set
Level 77: Crobak Set
Level 86: Nun Set
Level 102: Black Crow Set

That’s it for our Wakfu Osa guide. Unfortunately as we no longer play this class (for the time being) this post will not be updated. Perhaps in the future if we return to the game it will be. If you have any interest of updating it or writing for PVS, feel free to leave a comment below or use our contact form.

Have Fun!

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