PVS Wakfu: 2012 Roadmap Impressions

Last Week Ankama/Square-Enix buckled under the constant pressure from the Wakfu community and finally gave fans a glimpse of the future of Wakfu and what the companies hope to accomplish the end of the year. This 2012 Development Roadmap was needed after many players found themselves feeling like this game is all ready being neglected, and turning towards other games for their future MMO needs. This glimmer of light though brings much hope though that they might actually be listening to all the whining on the forums. Let’s take a look at the highlights!

  • World Bosses are getting a revamp. Instead of being a crazy-timed spawn once per server, it will be a difficult dungeon. More on this later this week.
  • Gauntlets will be introduced in the form of ‘Mobile Arenas‘. Details are few, but we know that you’ll be able to kill stuff either solo or in a group to obtain items. Hopefully items prove to be useful at all levels, or at least good RP items.
  • Player VS Player is being revamped and improved. As it stands now, there really isn’t anything to be gained from PVP aside from conquest islands during War times (which is once in a blue moon). Ankama announced that there will be new PVP rules as well as new PVP equipment introduced. They didn’t specify if this will include a PVP-based stat (such as Resilience in Warcraft) or simply gear with more HP/resistance and lower damage to make fights last longer. In both cases, I’m excited to see this aspect of the game being addressed, and to see fights last more than 2 rounds.
  • The Political system is also expected to get more improvements focusing on more rules, more bonuses and more control to cut down on political abuse. Hopefully with this and the anticipated PVP changes they will give nations a little more voice, leading to more nation vs nation conflicts.
  • Haven bags (which in all fairness are awesome on paper) will be evolving to include Haven Worlds. This means you won’t just have a small room anymore, but as a Guild you will be able to customize the landscape of a small world within your haven bag. This expands on the previous updates to guilds including the leveling system, and giving people more a of a reason to unite. On top of this, it was announced that Guild VS Guild combat will also be introduced.
  • We’re finally going to get some more Quests, and smarter quests. As much as I love the standard kill-grind-level idea, some quests to break up the monotony are always nice.
  • The Krosmaster Arena will be introduced to Wakfu in October, allowing players to compete in PVP to earn rankings, items and all that jazz. They teased at being able to compete against Dofus players as well, but not holding my breath on that part.
  • Foggernauts will be introduced as a new class. This was unexpected, as most people were expecting masqueraiders to be released soon. Unfortunately, Masqueraiders are put on the back-burner and will not be released this year. If Foggernauts are anything like their Dofus counterparts, they’ll be using technology and turrets to fights. Let’s just hope they pull this off better than the Rogue class with bombbots.
  • Trool Fair will be showing up next month with mini-games. Let’s hope it’s evolved since Dofus days.
  • Developers have said that they will continue to work on class balance, including Osa, Sadi and Feca but haven’t set any dates. They are also all ready working on expanding Mount Zinit, the next high-level adventure Zone ‘The Whispering Island’ and something Kwismas.

—- —- —-
Conclusion: It looks like they have a lot on their plate, and that’s a good thing. It’s all going to come down to how much they actually get done. I’m most excited at this point about PVP becoming a factor in the game. Right now, the only reason to PVP is to be a dick. Show me some good reasons to PVP and I’m all in.

What are you most excited about? Let me know in the comments below.

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