PVS The Secret World: The Secret War

FunCom has just gone ahead and released a new browser-based game/marketing gimmick that they’re calling The Secret War, in anticipation for their upcoming MMO The Secret World.

This game doesn’t do the best job of describing itself, so I’ve summed it up to make it simple (for both our sakes).

  • Link/Sign up with your Facebook account, and choose a faction.
  • Get your friends to sign up as well (propaganda).
  • For each friend that is signed up, you get to deploy them as part of your army.
  • The game works like risk based on the three factions.
  • The more armies a faction has in a location, the more chance they have to win it.
  • You get points if your army helps take over places.

It’s kind of cool, mainly because I’m a big Risk fan. But what makes it interesting for everybody else is that you can win a guaranteed beta access and even a trip to the FunCom offices. In Montreal. Anyway, sign up and play. Could be fun! Or just another addictive Facebook-related game until The Secret World is released.

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