PVS MMOs: A Quick Look at EverQuest II

With the decline of things to do in Warcraft and the disappointment in SWTOR, I find myself in the position to jump around and find a new game. More specifically, find a new game on a shoe-string budget (less than $20 being ideal). Over the next few days I’m going to test out a few of the free trials/betas out there and see if any of them peak my interest.

Initial Impression: Umm, what is this crap?

Graphics: Poor. Quite honestly, really bad. I find nothing really fits together. The landscapes and the NPC/characters seem to just be different styles. It feels like a game, which kind of sucks when you’re trying to get into it.

User Interface: Oi. It feels like they looked at a large webpage from the 90s and simply said “hey, we can do drop down menus in a game, right?”. The issue there is many of the features are squeezed into once large menu. In addition, you can open every single window for every option (character, spells, bag, map, etc) at the same time. This can be good, don’t get me wrong, but really it just felt sloppy.

Performance: Horrid. I found every 15 steps or so I got lag and ran in place. Even on the lowest settings, I got a ridiculous amount of lag. Given the age of this game, I can’t imagine why this is happening. Many other games (such as WoW, SW:TOR, and Rift) run fine, therefore it cane only be assumed that it’s the game. Quite frankly, it was unbearable.

Things I Liked: I was able to climb up ladders and certain walls. Most games ignore this ability and make you run up slopes.

Things I Didn’t Like: The performance was bad, the graphics were pathetic and the user interface was overly complicated; All I wanted to do was shoot stuff with lightning and fire.

Conclusion: I played the first EverQuest years and years ago and remember it being good. This however, fails in comparison. It’s understandable why the game is Free-to-play. I can’t imagine anybody investing money into this title. I won’t be returning.

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